Driver scoring: The EROAD Leaderboard

EROAD Leaderboard allows you to benchmark drivers within your organisation against industry benchmarks, ranking them on key driver metrics. Use the insights provided by Leaderboard to support driver training and reward programmes, helping your organisation improve driver retention and meet your duty of care obligations. 

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Key Benefits

  • Encourage healthy competition
    Reward great driving to foster positive and safe competition. Use driver ranking analytics such as EROAD Leaderboard to identify the top driver for the week and incentivise with vouchers, or include in a more formal driver rewards programme
  • Support driver training
    Promote driver self-management by making the Leaderboard available to drivers as they go on and off their shifts, on a tablet, laptop or pin-up printouts
  • Benchmark your fleet
    Compare your driver, vehicle and fleet driving behaviour benchmarked against the EROAD driving population. Is your driver the best in your company, or truly best of breed?

Reward great driving 

Knowing that you’ve got a great team of professional drivers representing your business can take a huge load off your shoulders. Changing on-road driving behaviour takes time. The great news is that it is highly achievable. 

EROAD has found that the key to improved driver behaviour is consistent attention to and monitoring of driving behaviour analytics. 

Our Leaderboard provides you with an inside view of your fleet based on key driver metrics, enabling you to set up effective driver training and reward programmes. 

The driver ranking shows how your drivers compare within your organisation and tracks how they perform over time. The star rating compares your drivers against industry driver benchmarks.

Create safer drivers and safer vehicles.

"Leaderboard makes my job much easier, being able to keep on top of what’s happening in the fleet remotely. It’s providing me with all the information I need for compliance, health and safety and training purposes. We’re planning on using Leaderboard rankings as the basis for our Driver of the Year Awards." 

Blair Inglis, Fleet Compliance Manager



  • Drivers ranked on speeding, harsh braking and sharp acceleration based on frequency and severity of events 
  • Good driving over time allows drivers to improve Leaderboard ranking 
  • Star ratings benchmark your drivers against the EROAD client driving population 
  • Supports organisational training and reward programmes 
  • Report can be scheduled to be delivered to your email daily, weekly or monthly

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Safety in numbers

Our customers have access to a comprehensive suite of data about their fleet in real-time so they can make better decisions about how to run their business safer and more efficiently.

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