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EROAD Clarity Dashcam


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The EROAD Clarity Dashcam gives fleet managers the full picture while protecting drivers from liability – and their own bad driving habits.

A powerful, intuitive tool to help reduce insurance costs and protect driver liability in the case of accidents. EROAD Clarity Dashcam automatically records and stores up to 40 hours of drive-time footage, easily retrievable using MyEROAD Replay.

  • Made for the EROAD ecosystem, the EROAD Clarity Dashcam combines full HD video with accurate telematics data, giving you a clear picture of incidents on the road and drivers’ activities behind the wheel.
    • Dual-facing cameras deliver high resolution
    • Ignition of the vehicle also starts your camera, so your driver can’t forget
    • Clips are automatically sent to the MyEROAD web platform based on harsh driving events – sudden braking or acceleration, or an actual crash
  • MyEROAD Replay gives you easy to view, reliable footage integrated into all the rest of your data in MyEROAD.
    • See your fleet maintenance, driver performance data and video clips all in one place for easier coaching and incident investigation


The EROAD Clarity Dashcam will be available for a limited pre-Christmas release to selected customers and will be available in Q1 calendar year 2021 for a wider market release.

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