Fringe Benefit Tax: how to reduce FBT costs

Electronic FBT Logbooks save time and money 

EROAD’s Electronic FBT Logbook provides an easy to use solution that minimises FBT payments, as well as time spent by your staff collecting and maintaining the required records. 

EROAD’s Electronic FBT Logbook, has achieved an Australian Tax Office (ATO) class ruling, which provides peace of mind when lodging FBT and in the event of an audit.

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Key Benefits

  • Minimise FBT payments
    Easy to use and accurate recording of vehicle usage for FBT calculations
  • Achieved ATO class ruling
    Peace of mind knowing that the EROAD solution has achieved an Australian Tax Office (ATO) class ruling when lodging FBT claims
  • Automated solution
    Automated record keeping for ease of auditing
  • Accurate and reliable
    EROAD’s FBT solution uses proven technology that is highly accurate, proven and reliable
  • Single device
    Delivered on EROAD’s single device in-cab - the Ehubo 2. No additional apps or mobile device management needed

The EROAD solution provides 

  • Support for calculation of FBT using the Operating Cost method to minimise payment of FBT by your business 
  • Easy logbook capture of trip purpose for your drivers, as our EROAD system automatically records all other required trip details 
  • Headline metrics that help fleet and operations managers select a representative 12-week period to accurately show the business usage of the vehicles in your fleet and, that allow them to monitor business vs private usage 
  • Scheduled report so the manager can monitor when a driver doesn’t complete the logbook to improve compliance 
  • Automated record keeping stored for the requisite period and quick to audit.

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  • Ability to collect Trip purpose from driver, and automated collection of other trip details including odo and date/time from the Ehubo2 
  • ATO approved electronic logbook 
  • High level metrics in the EROAD Depot to assist fleet or operations manager monitor % business usage, un-categorised trips and help select representative and advantageous reporting period 
  • Summary of operational costs already recorded in Depot including fuel, maintenance and rego costs in the Fleet Summary report 

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