Safer drivers

Safer drivers with real-time driver coaching

How Telematics promotes driver safety and simplifies Chain of Responsibility obligations.

How EROAD improves fleet and driver safety

Real-time driver coaching with in-vehicle feedback
Gamifying driver behaviour and creating safe driving culture
Enhance your driver coaching with high definition video, driver statistics and fleet maintenance data all at your fingertips
Simplified driver identification with no extra hardware required


Real-time driver coaching with in-vehicle feedback for speeding and harsh braking
Multiple applications on single device including driver identification, driver safety, pre & post-trip reports, and communication with central office
Encourages safety focused culture and reduce incidents by providing drivers and fleet managers with safety ratings and in-cab coaching
See what your drivers see with front and driver facing cameras for driver coaching and incident investigation
Protect your drivers in the event of a crash or rollover
Safer drivers benefits
Creating a culture of safe driving

EROAD’s driver-facing technology directly impacts on the number of speeding events experienced by the fleet. The Ehubo2 has become an essential tool for creating a culture of safe driving in an organisation.

The graph shows the reduction in over speed events over time as product enhancements have been added based on EROAD customer data.


Simplify your chain of responsibility obligations and develop a safety culture with EROAD’s tools

  • EHubo2 combined with our driver coaching tools helps to make your fleet safer and more productive whilst protecting the bottom line
  • Get full HD clarity with our new dashcams to protect your drivers in case of an accident, and better coach them to safer driving within integrated driver statistics, fleet maintenance data and video camera footage
  • Leaderboard displays complex data benchmarked across over 80,000 Australasian drivers to give real insight
  • This can be managed at a team / crew level and across the organisation or business units giving an easily implemented KPI across the fleet

Emergency alerts for serious collisions or rollover incidents

  • EROAD CaRA delivers emergency alerts to you and your designated first responders in the event of a serious collision or rollover incident involving your company vehicle
  • Emergency alert email will be delivered to your key company contact and your preferred response service
  • For collision force of greater than 4G or a rollover greater than 60 degrees from the horizontal, both incidents occurring either separately or at the same time
  • Help protect yourself under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011
EROAD Hardware

Easy to use driver-facing technology aids driver safety
Find out more about our in-vehicle, driver-facing GPS device with multiple easy-to-use apps, driver login, driver behaviour feedback, two-way messaging, and FBT trip purpose. Learn more about our new cameras.

“It was hard to believe that it was going to change behaviour so quickly. But speed dropped, fuel dropped, and no one moaned. It literally happened in no time at all. I’ve seen my fuel cost drop by up to $3,000 per month, with increased utilisation and kilometres travelled by the fleet.”

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