Easy, reliable and accurate fleet management technology

EROAD’s driver facing telematics enables fleet managers and drivers to improve safety, streamline business operations and improve profitability for your trucks, utes and assets.

Will your fleet management system work after 3G shuts down?

Major telcos across Australia are in the process of shutting down their 3G networks as the country moves to faster, more reliable 4G and 5G networks. EROAD is committed to making sure you stay connected to your fleet after the 3G network shutdown with our range of 4G GPS trackers.

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Our customers track just about everything

Learn how EROAD’s unique driver-facing GPS tracking device helps coach your drivers to better performance and safety.

Organisations we’ve helped improve fleet safety and productivity

The EROAD advantage

EROAD products and technology are easy to use, consistent and accurate, all through a driver facing platform. Learn why that matters for your fleet performance and compliance.


You can trust us

More than 100,000 vehicles use EROAD globally to keep their drivers safe, their fleet compliant, and improve their operations. We partner with the best in the business.

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EROAD is dual-listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), and New Zealand Exchange (NZX).