Improve operations

Improve operations

Precision tracking to monitor operations, improve your fleet management, and meet service agreements.

How EROAD improves fleet operations

Precision tracking for data granularity
Easy to use system reduces administration burden
EROAD_IconLibrary_2019_Driver Login
Know which driver is in your vehicle with no extra hardware
EROAD_IconLibrary_2019_Fuel tax credits
Reduce fuel and insurance costs
EROAD_IconLibrary_2019_Geofence Site Activity
Use geofencing for full site visibility and customer billing


Reduce administration costs
Precision tracking enables accuracy in reporting
Driver login via the single Ehubo 2 device
Provide customers with verifiable proof that contract conditions were met
See subcontractor activity on your map
Create an API link to your other software
Reduce fuel spend
Improve operations benefits

Precise tracking giving you greater data granularity

  • EROAD fleet telematics uses multiple sensors to measure distance, not just GPS
  • EROAD polls every 250m and significant events like ignition, braking, cornering, geofence etc
  • Telstra/Optus/Vodafone roaming
  • Ehubo2 can store up to 6 months’ worth of data when out of coverage
  • This granularity leads to more accurate reporting to your customers, more accurate returns FTC savings benefits

Easy to use system puts data at your fingertips and reduces administration workload

  • Fewer insurance claims to be completed (reduced over speed events means less risk of accidents)
  • Streamlined tax reporting (Fringe Benefit Tax and Fuel Tax Credits)
  • No chasing driver license details for infringement management
  • EROAD’s service alerts means less chance of having to chase up drivers for overdue services
  • More time can be spent on the business

A pool booking solution that is easy to use and easy to administer

  • Web based platform + iOS and Android app
  • Intelligent booking transfer functionality
  • Automatic rebooking for vehicles
  • Live fleet overview and status
  • Single sign on available for users
  • Customisable vehicle views
  • Platform supports other asset types, including car parks and e-bikes

“The EROAD system means information is now at everyone’s fingertips. And it’s the easiest to use system I’ve seen.”

Waitomo Group


Be proactive about your fleet service and maintenance to save costs

  • Comprehensive service module allows fleet managers to proactively manage maintenance and repairs
  • Monitor suppliers, and maintain a full-service record history of the fleet
  • Schedule standard and custom servicing based on date, distance and/or engine hours
  • Instant in-cab servicing alerts for instant servicing/repair notifications
  • Customisable pre-trip compliance questions answered by drivers in cab e.g. Did you have enough sleep? Are you fit to drive? Did you complete your pre-trip inspection?

Get visibility of the fleet’s condition every day with EROAD Inspect

  • Paperless vehicle inspection via the Mobile App ‘Inspect
  • Defects recorded in the Inspect Dashboard in MyEROAD and sync to MyEROAD Fleet Maintenance for servicing management
  • Greater transparency around vehicle condition
  • Reduces unfair wear and tear cost and risk
  • Defects can be reported regularly to your service provider to manage approvals for any repairs
  • Maintain vehicles to a good standard for improved resale value

Modernise your system with EROAD’s Job Management and get better results

  • Message urgent jobs to the driver and communicate via our secure two-way messaging platform.
  • Easy connection to your preferred job management partner, or existing EROAD partners like MyTrucking, vWorks and iCOS Live, for improved job management processes
  • Utilise EROAD geofencing to report on time on job site, entry/exit

Quick identification of a vehicle’s driver with no extra hardware: Driver login

  • Better visibility of fleet to support health and safety
  • Train and retain drivers
  • Encourages accountability -identify individual driver
  • Enables driver-centric reporting in MyEROAD
  • Protects business reputation – enhanced visibility of what’s going on in your fleet
  • Track drivers over multiple vehicles/equipment to form a pattern of their activity & driver behaviour
Driver login

Instantly switch on powerful, easy-to-use reporting and analytics for your fleet

  • See all fleet vehicles at a glance in on the MyEROAD Fleet Map
  • Access a wide range of visually appealing, easy-to-use fleet management dashboards and reports on MyEROAD including Driver, Activity, Tax, Service and Defect reporting
  • Make organisational decisions based on accurate data using our fleet tracking software
  • Monitor and train drivers towards safer driving behaviour – reduce number of insurance claims and excess
  • Instantly improve communication with drivers – no wasted time looking for driver locations or manually investigating journeys/incidents
  • Report on Proof of Service and geofence activity, useful for monitoring project or customer sites
  • Right-size the fleet with accurate utilisation reporting
  • Manage fleet health with Service and Defect management dashboards

Turn fleet data into opportunity with EROAD Analyst

    • Current data at your fingertips
    • Combine fleet data with your other important data sets
    • Create clear and compelling reports on your fleet operations

See subcontractor activity on your map: EROAD Share

  • Have your subcontractors got EROAD as well?
  • Easily integrate their fleet or certain vehicles on your site into your MyEROAD map view
  • Improve team/partner cohesiveness
  • Improving health and safety compliance, and productivity

Provide customers with verifiable proof that contract conditions were met: Proof of Service

  • Simplify contract reporting to help with invoicing, retention and dispute resolution for civil maintenance or construction engagements
  • Deliver a verifiable record of auxiliary equipment activity based on EROAD’s highly accurate tracking devices – Ehubo2 and ETrack Wired
  • Deliver accurate, verifiable, record of service to your customers – who can even get their own login and monitor your contract activity for themselves once the vehicle’s auxiliary equipment is connected to EROAD’s hardware
Proof of Service

Get full visibility of your site with Geofencing

  • On site speed monitoring
  • Entry / exit monitoring
  • Time based SLA monitoring and customer reporting
  • Improve your FTC refunds by geofencing off-road mileage locations

Our customers track just about everything
Trucks, utes, powered or non-powered assets, we have a hardware solution to suit the needs of your business. Find out more about our in-vehicle, driver-facing GPS device with multiple easy-to-use apps, driver login, driver behaviour feedback, two-way messaging, and FBT trip purpose.

EROAD Hardware

“EROAD has so far brought down our over speed events from approximately 25,000 a month to about 1200. It’s reduced our overall fuel bill by approximately 20% and accident incident rates by 20%.”

McConnell Dowell


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