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Trucks, utes, powered or non-powered assets, we have a hardware solution to suit the needs of your business

Hardware for your whole fleet

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Better fleet vehicle & asset management
Safer drivers with real-time driver coaching
See what your drivers are seeing with in-cab dashcams
Easy driver ID via in-cab device, no tags or fobs

Hardware range

Light Vehicles under 3.5t and Heavy Vehicles 3.5t and over

EROAD Hardware heavy and light

Non-Powered Assets


Powered Assets


Track your light and heavy vehicles with Ehubo2

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EROAD designed
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Built to accuracy standards for tax collection
Stores data when out of coverage
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High definition tracking
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Suitable for light and heavy vehicles

One GPS tracking device with multiple applications for fleet vehicles: Ehubo2

  • EROAD designed from the ground up
  • Captures distance, GPS location, harsh driving behaviour and a variety of other useful operational data from the vehicle
  • Continuously stores and transmits data via an encrypted network to the platform
  • Stores data when out of network coverage and uploads on return to coverage
  • Built to accuracy standards for tax collection
  • Multi-network 4G roaming
  • High-definition tracking
  • Suitable for light and heavy vehicles
  • AUX and PTO
  • Over the air updates
  • Bluetooth mesh network

Key features include:

Protect your fleet and drivers with EROAD Clarity Dashcam

Protect your business from liability and financial loss
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Demonstrate exceptional Health & Safety compliance
Save on insurance and repair costs
Use video footage as a coaching tool to improve driver performance
Improve the safety and efficiency of your entire fleet

Get the Clarity you’ve been missing

EROAD Clarity Dashcam adds video footage into the coaching moments, and provides proof of what happened when something unfortunately does go wrong. Capture more than just video.

Choose from two available models, EROAD Clarity Connected and EROAD Clarity Solo. Benefit from full coverage of your fleet, with a fit for purpose solution. All dashcam models seamless integrate into MyEROAD web platform; showcasing all the driver statistics, vehicle maintenance video footage and more.

EROAD Clarity Dashcam

Keep track of powered assets

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Improve asset utilisation
Track engine hours
EROAD_IconLibrary_2019_Efficient business
Enable smart servicing
Proof of service for your customers
Suitable for yellow iron and other powered assets

Get full visibility for powered assets and yellow equipment: ETrack G70

Heavy plant and powered machinery can also be tracked with EROAD’s rugged tracking solutions. Built to handle tough sites and provides the same tracking data as the Ehubo2 (without the driver-facing features used for road driving).

How it helps project managers and fleet managers:

  • Cost-effective asset management with smart service scheduling and vehicle inspections
  • Track engine hours and service as required
  • Improve productivity and utilisation through access to advanced data insights
  • Proof of service to build strong, sustainable customer relationships
ETrack Wired

Easy and Affordable Asset tracking for non-powered assets

Built to survive
MyEROAD Dashboard100px
IOS and Android app
EROAD_IconLibrary_2019_Save time and money
Cost effective solution for high volumes of assets
Trailer tracking100x100
Designed for assets that move around

Optimise the use of your assets with EROAD ETrack Where & EROAD ETrack Oyster 3

EROAD ETrack Where and EROAD Track Oyster 3 make it easy and affordable to manage assets that frequently move around project sites. Assets such as trailers, containers and valuable construction equipment can be located in an instant using MyEROAD.

By setting up geofences around project site parameters and assigning cost centres to individual assets, users can activate more efficient customer billing and proof of service cost reporting.



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