Ehubo2 - the latest in-vehicle technology

The EROAD Ehubo2 offers multiple easy-to-use applications on a single device, delivering better safety outcomes for your business and improving productivity and profitability.

EROAD’s Ehubo2 device bridges the gap between after-the-event management reporting and as it happens behind-the-wheel influence on driver behaviour.

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Key Benefits

  • Advanced driver analytics
    Interrogate the data behind the EROAD Leaderboard Driver Insights report to help coach drivers towards better driving and safer behaviour
  • Benchmarking
    You can benchmark your drivers against their industry peers and compare them to the EROAD population of 60,000+ vehicles
  • Advanced in-cab driver behaviour coaching
    You can monitor live vehicle and driver behaviour and deliver coaching and scoring to a driver directly in-cab
  • Driver Login for improved safety
    A flexible platform to ensure you can track all of your employees, including temporary drivers, with no key fobs, no fuss. You can monitor driving time and location of drivers in real time, using the Depot web application

The latest in-vehicle technology

The Ehubo2 gives you the best available solution for your business today – and a future-proof platform to continue delivering innovative driver and vehicle safety and performance on an on-going basis.

Multiple applications on a single platform will revolutionise safety compliance for your business.

  • Drive Buddy provides in-cab driver feedback with audio and visual alerts
  • Interfaces with EROAD web application, Depot, to provide two-way messaging, fuel management and driver behaviour reporting
  • Driver Login on Ehubo2 gives enhanced visibility into not only vehicle activity, but also individual driving behaviour




0918 ERD AU mockup Ehubo Gen2 Driver login


  • Drive Buddy provides in-cab feedback to drivers 
  • EROAD Messaging provides two-way messaging between Depot and drivers 
  • Captures fuel fills on screen to track fuel efficiency 
  • Designed to last the lifetime of vehicle and meets the highest automotive standards 
  • Three digital inputs for reporting on auxiliary connection 
  • Secure, tamper-proof electronic distance recorder that meets international independent security certifications 
  • Simple and secure on-screen Driver Login system that requires no additional hardware or fobs 
  • High-resolution vehicle tracking with multiple vehicle location speed snapshots per minute 
  • Driver behaviour reporting including acceleration, harsh braking, cornering and idling 

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Safety in numbers

Our customers have access to a comprehensive suite of data about their fleet in real-time so they can make better decisions about how to run their business safer and more efficiently.

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