EROAD Posted Speed

In-vehicle feedback for safer driving

EROAD Posted Speed delivers real-time driver coaching, by displaying speed limit data on highways and main metro routes and comparing this to the actual speed being driven. This empowers drivers to make better choices on the road.

Safer driving with less speeding leads to a known reduction in accidents, incidents, near misses, and your organisation’s health and safety risk. It also delivers money in your pocket – including savings through improved fuel efficiency, reduced repairs and maintenance, potential to reduce insurance premiums, and reduced driver turnover.

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Key Benefits

  • Real-time speed data
    Supports drivers with the real-time road network speed data they need to make better driving decisions
  • Best in-vehicle tools
    Gives drivers the ability to self-coach, reducing the need for continual monitoring of driver behaviour
  • Financial savings
    from improved fuel efficiency, reduced repairs and maintenance, and insurance costs
  • Safety first
    Helps you build a work place culture that prioritises safety to help meet your company's obligations under the Chain of Responsibility (COR) and National Heavy Vehicle (HVNL) laws

Build a safety-first culture

Equipping drivers with the best in-cab technology powered by up-to-date mapping data gives them the ability to self-coach. EROAD Drive Buddy with Posted Speed provides positive reinforcement with a real-time visual display of accurate vehicle speed in specified speed zones on EROAD’s in-cab hardware. Empowering drivers gives managers confidence their staff are safe and reduces the need for continual monitoring.



  • Displays the current road network speed limit on the EROAD in-vehicle unit, Ehubo2, on highways and main metro roads
  • Functional Class is a road type indicator that reflects traffic speed and volume. It also reflects the importance and connectivity of the road. This includes roads with (1) highvolume, maximum speed traffic, (2) high-volume, high-speed traffic, (3) high-volume traffic, and (4) high-volume traffic at moderate speeds between neighbourhoods.
  • Displays current road name to aid navigation to job site or destination
  • Real-time driver coaching based on current road network speed limit data aligned with Depot Driver Behaviour Analytics – so Fleet Manager and Driver are on the same page
  • Speed network data regularly refreshed to ensure road speed limit changes and new infrastructure are picked up quickly
  • Depot sends map tiles down to the in-cab device in real time based on the direction of travel – with out-of-cell coverage areas downloaded when you next drive through an area

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Safety in numbers

Our customers have access to a comprehensive suite of data about their fleet in real-time so they can make better decisions about how to run their business safer and more efficiently.

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