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EROAD Vision 2020

The EROAD Team has thoroughly enjoyed bringing our first-ever virtual industry event EROAD Vision to you.

EROAD Vision showcased exciting new product launches, a glimpse into the future for EROAD, customer stories, expert safety panels and exclusive interviews.

Sessions from EROAD Vision are now available online, in case you missed any of them, or simply would like to watch again.

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EROAD Vision 2020 Agenda

Sessions from EROAD Vision are available now to watch!

The driver behind the driver – from the fleet to the track

From the fleet to the track, Andretti Autosport shares exclusively what it takes to achieve peak performance. The logistics manager and fleet drivers give you an inside look into what makes Andretti Autosport special. EROAD is proudly Andretti’s fleet technology partner, sharing the same safety values and strive for operational excellence.

Andretti Autosport

Andretti Autosport

Introducing our new products and a vision of the future for EROAD

It’s been an exciting, yet challenging year for EROAD, having launched many new products to our markets, adapting to changes and new norms of working along the way. Sarah Thompson, our Chief Product Officer shares a roadmap of recent successes, and a glimpse into the exciting journey forward for EROAD.


Sarah Thompson
Chief Product Officer

Becoming a safer bet

Our panel of experts; Melissa Weller (ATA), Joe Lopino (AFRA) and Chris Evans (EROAD) shares their experience and ideas on how to create a safety culture in your organization to mitigate health and safety risk, reduce accidents, and become a safer fleet while ensuring your Chain of Responsibility is solid.

Camera Recording Press Conference

Expert Panel

The EROAD start-up disrupting asset management

Genevieve and Chris deep dive into proactive asset management. Learn how you can ditch the spreadsheets and use EROAD Where to improve asset utilisation, customer billing and enhance your operations.


Genevieve Tearle
Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager EROAD Where


Chris Hughes
Key Account Manager

Improve your operations

Smart Environmental take care of all your refuse and recycling needs. Their fleet is unique and demands their maintenance to be proactive rather than reactive to operate efficiently. Steve and the team paid a visit to their recycling plant in Thames to talk to Johnny and learn about how using predictive servicing can save your business cash.


Steve Fielding
Head of Growth & Retention


Jonathon Dick
Business Systems and Improvement Manager Smart Environmental Ltd

Safe drivers

In the age of COVID19 we have all had to operate safer and smarter. Knowing in real-time where drivers are and that they are operating safely has been crucial to fleet operators. Hear from EROAD Health and Safety experts how the core EROAD products contribute to better safety outcomes for fleets’.


Chris Evans
Health & Safety Stakeholder Manager

Save on your taxes

One thing is certain, taxes, and fleets are far from exempt. EROAD’s Australian Tax product suite automates laborious Fringe Benefit Tax & Fuel Tax Credit management. Discover from Dean (EROAD Finance) how EROAD can help your business reduce paperwork, minimise time spent and save you money.


Dean Bratley
VP Commercial Business Partnering


Claude Williams
Key Account Manager