EROAD Clarity Solo Dashcam

Based on your current needs, we believe the EROAD Clarity Solo Dashcam is the perfect solution for your fleet.
1 device delivers 3 advanced functions.

Telematics + Cloud Video in a single device

Manage and protect your fleet with the wide range of telematics features in EROAD Clarity Solo. It’s a small, but powerful telematics solution with a built-in dashcam.

EROAD Clarity Dashcam

EROAD Clarity Solo is our most compact telematics solution to date. As well as tracking your fleet, you can access almost our entire catalogue of online tools to improve efficiency and safety.

It provides three functions: reliable real-time GPS, cloud-based video and driver coaching. The in-cab device connects with MyEROAD software to give you complete telematic visibility of your fleet.

You benefit from EROAD’s tried and tested telematics service with the added reassurance of cloud-based HD video. This gives you peace of mind, allowing you to react when needed.


How EROAD Clarity Solo stacks up against our other solutions

Stand-alone dash cam

Stand-alone telematics

EROAD Clarity Solo

EROAD Ehubo2

Monitor where my vehicles are at any time
Fleet management software for helicopter view of fleet in real time
Save on insurance costs by being able to provide evidence
Reporting on fleet usage to find efficiencies
View video footage via the Cloud while vehicle is still on the road
View footage after the trip
Driver monitoring and coaching
Only record specific events, to protect driver privacy
NZ-based team of installers, customer service
Interrogate routes taken and see safety events during the trip
Set up geofences and track when vehicles enter and exit and the duration of stay in the area
Evidence to back up FTC rebate claims for off-road KMs
Service module for scheduling WoFs, CoFs and services
Leaderboard to recognise your safest drivers
RUC rebates for diesel or heavy vehicles
Real-time feedback for drivers and posted speed displayed


Welcome to EROAD’s web portal, MyEROAD! Designed with the user in mind.

Total visibility in real time with activities and stops

See where every vehicle is and drill down for detail on status, speed, and activities
Replay routes taken and see safety events during the trip
Set up geofences and track when vehicles enter and exit and the duration of stay in the area
Monitor operations to ensure productivity
Provide accurate ETAs
And much, much more

Want to see more?

Contactless driver logon so you know who is doing what

With EROAD Clarity Solo’s contactless NFC driver logon you can easily associate all video and telematics data to specific drivers.
Choose from a fob, sticker or card to equip your drivers with easy sign-on.

Contactless driver logon

It’s not Big Brother

Unlike some off-the-shelf dashcams, EROAD Clarity Solo only sends footage to MyEROAD Replay when there’s an event like harsh braking, or if the driver triggers the manual recording. It sends a 20 second clip, just enough to capture the scene and provide visual evidence on top of your telematics data to help exonerate drivers in the event of an incident.

“We haven’t had any pushback on the camera from our drivers. But if anyone’s concerned about having the camera in the vehicle, the amount of footage that pops up automatically is actually quite small. It’s definitely not as intrusive as you fear it might be” – Natalie, Frews Transport

Safeguarding privacy, maximising protection

Some drivers may have concerns about having a dashcam in their vehicle, or having activity monitored with telematics. But that information can prove vital for coaching drivers on safer driving behaviours, and for exonerating them if there’s an accident. We also supply privacy caps in case there’s a genuine need to cover either camera.

“I’ve actually been in a couple of meetings where guys have said ‘oh Big brother’s watching me’[…] I said yeah, OK, well that’s maybe how you do view it. But one day, just one day you may actually need all that information on your side, and it’ll be the best information you could ever get your hands on. It could be a tool to actually help you. There’s no two ways about it.” – Damon Bryant, Alexander Group

EROAD Clarity Solo

One device with everything you need to boost fleet safety and efficiency.

Telematics + Cloud Video in a single device

EROAD Clarity Solo is fully integrated with MyEROAD. The all in one in-cab unit gives you access to complete and reliable GPS data and cloud based HD video.

EROAD Clarity Dashcam
EROAD Clarity Dashcam and MyEROAD Replay

Key features

Location and activity reporting including geofences, leaderboard, vehicle utilisation, fuel usage and idle
Fully integrated with MyEROAD, our cloud-based fleet management portal
Capture safety events: speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking and manually triggered events
Built to last, purpose built for extreme conditions and temperatures in your cab
Automatic ON with ignition so your driver can’t forget
Automatically record 20-second video clips triggered by harsh acceleration, braking, and cornering and upload to the cloud – no driver action required
Manually send video to the cloud using a dash-mounted push button (kit included)
Continue recording when out of coverage; automatically upload when back in range
Identify and view video events through find on map functionality

MyEROAD Replay

Collect driver notes, behaviour reports, footage, and photographs for high-impact coaching and driver rewards
Quickly click between footage, your event logbook, and vehicle maintenance information to expedite investigations
Automatically send triggered video clips to MyEROAD and notify the fleet manager
Reliably retrieve footage post-incident for up to 40 hours of previous drive time
Easily share video with third parties, including law enforcement and insurance claims adjustors
Tag clips to streamline your driver coaching workflow (“to be coached” or “coached”; “to review” or “reviewed”)
Flag and block restricted content
Tie your driver footage to future features of the MyEROAD portal
MyEROAD Replay
EROAD Clarity Solo Dashcam


High-resolution vehicle gps tracking with multiple vehicle location speed snapshots per minute
Black box storage card holds up to 40 hours of drive-time footage for secure retrieval, even after a high-impact accident
Simple Bluetooth Driver Log on – various NFC device options
4G cloud-connected full HD dashcam
Front or dual-facing
IP41 rated, -20 – +60 °C operating temperature
High-res, encrypted, 140 degree wide viewing angle video and optional audio in all driving conditions – including night
High frame rate for clear views of obstacles, signage, and licence plates

MyEROAD Seeing Machines Video Integration

EROAD has integrated Seeing Machines’ Guardian safety technology into MyEROAD, to provide operators with a single interface for managing video telematics.

One platform to access total fleet video and data if generated by a Guardian camera or EROAD hardware
Guardian video footage and event data is available to view within MyEROAD Replay
EROAD Clarity video footage and event data is available within the same screen
Seamlessly move between vehicles to check video or event triggers, regardless of whether EROAD Clarity Dashcam or Guardian DMS cameras are installed
Side-by-side video available if EROAD Clarity and Guardian DMS hardware exists in a single vehicle
Simplified, clean, easy, user experience for all fleet insights
EROAD Clarity Dashcam is a complementary product to allow affordable adoption of video telematics across whole of fleet
One platform to allow improved driver coaching and recording utilsing video footage
Integration occurs through API key available from Seeing Machines or distributor and EROAD
Vehicles fitted with Guardian DMS hardware DO NOT have to be fitted with EROAD hardware to be visible in MyEROAD

Want to coach your drivers better and easily determine what happened in case of an incident?

Dashboard Camera

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