Asset Tracking

Delivering full visibility and tracking of all vehicles and assets to maximise utilisation and productivity and provide detailed proof of service reporting. 

From Heavy and Light Vehicles to Powered and non- Powered assets – our solution has all the bases covered. From the in-cab Ehubo2 – through to wired and battery powered asset tracking devices – we can ensure that you not only have visibility of your assets but the information you need to make sure they are being fully utilised and delivering on your contract commitments. 

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Key Benefits

  • Full fleet tracking
    Visibility and management of all your assets, vehicles and auxiliary equipment
  • Rugged and accurate
    A watertight, rugged, easily installable, wired device with a small footprint that delivers superior tracking performance
  • Accurate Proof of Service reporting
    With a high level of accuracy, accelerometers, geofencing and 2 I/O ports you can connect seamlessly to EROAD Proof of Service reporting to deliver outstanding customer service
  • Auxiliary equipment monitoring
    Full visibility and tracking of your auxiliary equipment usage – including hours of usage and location tracking that enables accurate proof of service reporting and service management
  • Keep your assets covered
    Tracks any mobile asset, anywhere in the world, using the satellite network, so you never have to worry about coverage
  • Built for all environments
    Reliable, robust, waterproof device with one-year battery life can be mounted to any asset to ensure monitoring in any environment
  • Easy install
    Asset Tracker is fast and easy to install, with no wiring requirements
  • See all your assets at once
    EROAD web application, Depot, provides comprehensive view of your assets in one place

ETrack Wired 

ETrack Wired is designed to take care of tracking your powered assets and equipment – when you need a full tracking and management solution but don’t require the in-cab experience of the Ehubo2. 

The ETrack Wired is an easily installed, discreet and durable tracking device that connects to your plant’s power system and provides accurate reporting of engine hours and location with accuracy and high frequency. 

ETrack wired not only covers your primary assets but also gives full visibility and tracking of your auxiliary equipment usage – including hours of usage and location tracking that enables accurate proof of service reporting and service management. 

Satellite Asset Tracker 

Track all of your assets in one place with EROAD Asset Tracker, an ultra-small, waterproof, satellite-ready tracking device. It accurately tracks and monitors trailers, generators, and other mobile assets, wherever they are located. 

A combination of ultra-small size and long-life battery makes Asset Tracker easy to mount to any asset, enabling you to monitor it at all times.






  • Superior cellular and GPS wireless performance 
  • Sealed enclosure to withstand weather (IP66) 
  • External surface mountable 
  • Internal GPS & GPS antennas 
  • Geofence and in-motion alerts 
  • 2 digital inputs 
  • Detailed historical activity report


  • Reliable one location update per day 
  • Monitor the asset within Depot web application 
  • Receive geofence entry and exit notifications during movements 
  • Suitable for all outdoor conditions with IP68 (ingress protection rating) 
  • Enjoy a long battery life with hassle-free maintenance 
  • Easy installation and ultra-small size allows for fast setup 

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Safety in numbers

Our customers have access to a comprehensive suite of data about their fleet in real-time so they can make better decisions about how to run their business safer and more efficiently.

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