ETrack Where Tags

ETrack Where Tags

An affordable, wireless asset tracking system that uses Bluetooth and EROAD’s unique mesh network to determine the location of your assets.

EROAD ETrack Where

Asset location tracking solution for your equipment and moveable assets

ETrack Where is a wireless asset tracking system that uses Bluetooth and EROAD’s unique mesh network to determine the location of your assets.

Track your assets on the move

Assets that frequently move around job sites run the risk of being left behind, this makes them difficult to manage.

ETrack Where provides a modern, wireless asset tracking solution that improves asset utilisation, and reduces the risk of lost productivity and the cost that goes with not knowing where your assets are. Being able to check assets in and out of job sites using geofences also enables effective job management, proof of delivery, and billing. 

Choose the right size for your assets tracking

ETrack Where Tag


The ETrack Where Tag is an ideal tracking solution for larger mobile assets and equipment which move around such as trailers, waste bins, freight cages, construction machinery and trade equipment.

ETrack Where Mini Tag


The ETrack Where Mini Tag is ideal for tracking smaller, high value assets and equipment such as expensive power tools, important items such as key rings and other assets. They are more discreet, come with a replaceable 2-year battery, and fit onto assets of all sizes.

Your entire fleet and assets in one place

ETrack Where is a wireless asset tracking system that uses Bluetooth and EROAD’s unique mesh network to determine the location of your assets.

ETrack Where gives you visibility of all your connected vehicles and tagged assets in one place.

Using your geofences set up in MyEROAD, ETrack Where can sync across the platforms to help you manage job sites and customer billing. And you can overlay your assets onto your vehicle locations for effective job management.

How the solution works

EROAD’s unique Mesh network is made up of Ehubo2 telematics devices in vehicles traveling around Australia and the ETrack Where App on your mobile phones. When you pair this with the ETrack Where Bluetooth tags, you have an affordable solution that makes asset tracking attractive for your business. 

The Mesh network

All the EROAD Ehubo2 units that are driving around Australia, plus the ETrack Where Apps on mobile phones form the Mesh network. They are scanning every second for ETrack Where Tags. When any of them pick up a connection to a tag they will store that information and send the locations of the tags that they have picked up in 5-minute lots. Bluetooth networking transmits data via low-power radio waves.

How close does an Ehubo need to be to detect a ETrack Where tag?

The Ehubo2 will pick up a ETrack Where Tag within 70 metres, and the ETrack Where Mini Tag within 25 metres. Please note that metal objects and electrical equipment emitting strong RFs can interfere with Bluetooth or block it entirely.

With ETrack Where, you will be able to:


Asset visibility on one screen

See all of your assets either in a table, or on the map view in MyEROAD on desktop or the app & schedule maintenance or inspections

Accurately locate assets

Look within specific sites to identify which assets are located at that site with geofencing for depot and job site

Locate lost assets faster

Identify missing or lost assets for faster recovery using the unidentified assets summary

Access anytime / anywhere

Easily see where your assets are, in the office or when out on site with our desktop platform and iOS and Android mobile apps

Bill efficiently

Manage billing and proof of service by recording arrival and departure times from sites to better manage asset utilisation

Cost effective solution

Small, rugged and waterproof devices with up to 5+ year battery life, paired with our unique mesh network

Key Benefits

Finally, assets are visible
We worked with our customers when we developed ETrack Where and they all told us the same thing: we want clear visibility of all our assets on one screen. With EROAD ETrack Where you can see all your assets either in a table, or on the map view depending on your need.
No need for expensive scanners
The EROAD ETrack Where mobile phone app has a QR code scanner included so you can easily add your assets from anywhere to start getting location data.
Easy access to asset data
Our centralised asset database means that you have all your assets in one place, making them easy to manage. Both MyEROAD and ETrack Where are hosted in the cloud so your data is well protected and mobile, just like the rest of your business.
Replace spreadsheets, with flexible and automated reporting
Replace time consuming spreadsheets with EROAD’s cloud-based platform, to easily access, filter and report on your assets. A single source you can trust.
Mobile Agnostic
Our ETrack Where and MyEROAD apps are available for desktop, Android or Apple.

More information about ETrack Where

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