EROAD Fuel Tax Credits (FTC)

Automatically unlock the fuel tax rebates you're entitled to on public and private roads.

Many businesses find it tedious to work out their full FTC rebate entitlement. The standard rebate is fairly easy to calculate, but claiming for private road use and equipment needs accurate logs, equipment lists, and keeping detailed receipts. Is your company claiming the maximum amount possible?

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Key Benefits

  • Easier rebate claims
    Automate your FTC rebate claims - EROAD FTC makes it easier, reduces admin time and enables higher rebates
  • Claim up to 2.5x more off-road
    You can claim up to 2.5x the rebate rate for off-road than on-road
  • Go back 4 years
    Use EROAD FTC to recover under-claimed rebates - you can go back 4 years if you can show a 6-month pattern of consistent use
  • Set simple boundaries
    Create geofences for work sites near to public roads or construction zones to claim the maximum FTC entitlement
  • Claim for heavy and light vehicles
    Easily claim off-road FTC for heavy and light vehicles
  • Maximise rebate claims
    Include auxiliary equipment and claim idle time on heavy vehicles
  • Achieved ATO class ruling
    The EROAD FTC solution has achieved an Australian Tax Office (ATO) class ruling

The EROAD FTC product provides

EROAD's FTC product lets your company claim rebates on all of the fuel tax you have paid, for vehicles or fuel-operated equipment, on or off-road.

Maximise the rebate you are entitled to with EROAD FTC, even when fuel prices or fuel tax credit rates change. By automating the rebate process your fuel tax credits will be automatically calculated and reported for your business activity statements, reducing admin time and making the rebate process easier. And if you can show a six-month pattern of consistent use via telematics, you can claim fuel tax credits for the previous 4 years.

EROAD's real-time* vehicle location monitoring means trucks log off-road use automatically, as soon as a vehicle enters a private road. Your company can even set simple geofencing boundaries for temporary work sites.

Claiming rebates for heavy and light vehicles is easy. Light vehicles can take advantage of EROAD FTC simplicity, accruing fuel tax credits when off-road.

*EROAD uses High Frequency Polling which produces a location event ('ping') every 250m or where a significant event occurs, such as turning, vehicle statistics, ignitions, and stops. Latency events may impact on this.

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Want to maximise your FTC rebates and get up to FOUR years of previously under-claimed FTC back in your pocket? Get our complete guide.



  • Automatic tax credit calculations
    Your companies fuel tax credit total is automatically calculated, based on telematics and fuel consumption information that is already captured by your EROAD solution
  • Set auxiliary equipment fuel consumption once only
    You only have to set your auxiliary equipment's fuel consumption rates once and then they will be automatically included in your fuel tax credit calculations
  • Claim for idle fuel consumption
    The EROAD FTC product has the functionality to claim rebates for fuel used in vehicles or equipment idling on or off-road
  • Archive historical FTC reports
    The product provides snapshots of a fuel tax credit report periods enabling the creation and retention of accurate records and of A.T.O claims

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