Job Management for Increased Visibility

A complete platform from job coding and messaging on the Ehubo2 to the ability to interact seamlessly with partners to improve job management and customer service. Choose the option that is right for you. 

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Key Benefits

  • Partner integration
    EROAD APIs enable you to integrate your business with key job management platforms
  • Replace paper-based systems
    Powerful, cloud-based software streamlines processes and reduces costs
  • Improved transport management
    Timely track and trace gives full job visibility

EROAD Ehubo2 Messaging and job coding 

On EROAD’s advanced in-cab device the Ehubo2 drivers can receive urgent jobs via our messaging platform direct to the vehicle, and reply through our two-way messaging feature. For daily tracking of jobs and proof of service enter the job number or code on the Ehubo2 and track this via the daily activity screen in EROAD Depot. 

EROAD Partner Gateway 

Partner Gateway is a unique feature of the EROAD platform. Through our Partner Gateway and available APIs EROAD has integrated with key job management platforms like ICOS LIVE and My Trucking, giving you a single view in the EROAD Depot software and the ability to improve your customer service. 

Job Management Integration 

EROAD’s advanced API’s allow accurate kilometres to be fed to your preferred job management provider for tracking of kilometres per job. Or choose from one of EROAD’s already integrated providers like My Trucking. 

My Trucking replaces paper-based systems with powerful, cloud-based job management software.



  • EROAD Messaging 
    Message urgent jobs to the driver and communicate via our two-way messaging platform 
  • EROAD job coding 
    Drivers can enter the job code on the Ehubo2 to provide complete visibility and proof of services
  • Partner Gateway & API
    Connect with your chosen job management provider 
    API feed to other partners with accurate km to compare against jobs 
  • Connect with EROAD partners 
    Easy connection to your preferred job management partner, or existing EROAD partners - My Trucking and iCOS Live - for improved job management processes

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Safety in numbers

Our customers have access to a comprehensive suite of data about their fleet in real-time so they can make better decisions about how to run their business safer and more efficiently.

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