Easy Vehicle Inspections

Easy Vehicle Inspections

Front line vehicle checking by the people who know them best – your drivers

EROAD helps you keep your fleet on the road with EROAD Inspect.
EROAD Inspect gives you the ability to track vehicle defects easily by capturing and displaying them on an easy to manage visual board, ready for you to prioritise and take action.


Maintain your fleeting optimal running condition by identifying defects early, and fixing them fast.


Full visibility.

Know exactly what defects exist in your fleet and what is being done to correct them, at any time.

Save time.

Streamline inspections and start managing defects the second they’re submitted.

Eliminate downtime.

Keep your vehicles on the road by reducing the risk of breakdowns and any associated drop in productivity.

Improve safety.

A well-maintained fleet helps you meet health and safety compliance and minimise risk to your drivers, and the road-using public.


Two easy ways to manage vehicle inspections

EROAD Inspect Mobile

Can take instant images and send to head office.

EROAD Inspect In-vehicle

When you do not need a mobile device.

Both EROAD Inspect Mobile and EROAD Inspect In-vehicle have the ability to report defects, via mobile or through the Ehubo2.

EROAD Inspect lets you start improving driver and vehicle safety right now, with our easy to use, low cost and highly effective solutions.

EROAD Inspect walks you through the inspection using customisable templates, capturing defect details with messages, and photos on the mobile app. Details are instantly visible on Depot, our desktop software, on the visual Defect Board and Inspect reports.

Quick, easy and accurate, EROAD Inspect helps you maintain your fleet assets, and keeps vehicles on the road.

EROAD Solution

Keep your fleet on the road and driving towards profitability

Key features include:

  • Get started straight away with EROAD Inspect
  • Easily complete both pre and post trip inspections over the course of a day
  • Assign default templates for different types of machines to suit your needs. e.g. Light, Heavy, Trailer
  • Full service history archive functionality
  • Give access to your preferred suppliers to manage and track inspections and repairs on your behalf
  • Available on both iOS and Android