Gamifying Driver Behaviour

Gamifying Driver Behaviour with EROAD Leaderboard

Unlocking the right kind of competition: the competition for safety, with EROAD Leaderboard

Imagine if there was a way to benchmark the drivers in your organisation, ranking them on key driver metrics that contribute to safety and overall profitability.


Gamifying Driver Behaviour with EROAD Leaderboard

How powerful would that be in understanding what’s happening when your business is on the road, and for encouraging the right kind of driver behaviour?

Well, there is. It’s called EROAD Leaderboard, and it helps you drive a culture of accountability and safety, by benchmarking your drivers against their industry peers and comparing them to EROAD’s Australasian community of vehicles and drivers.

EROAD Leaderboard allows you to use critical driver insights to understand how safe your drivers are, support driver training and reward programmes, help your organisation improve driver retention, and meet your duty of care obligations.

EROAD’s Leaderboard is one of the most effective tools you can use to promote, and reward, safe driving behaviour.


Here are some of the key benefits for your business from EROAD’s Leaderboard.

Encourage healthy competition.

One of the best ways to see the change in driver behaviour you want is to reward great driving by fostering positive and healthy competition. Use driver ranking analytics from EROAD’s Leaderboard to identify the top driver for the week and incentivise with rewards, or include in a more formal driver rewards programme.

Benchmark your fleet.

Compare your driver, vehicle and fleet driving behaviour benchmarked against the EROAD driving population. Is your driver the best in your company, or the best in the EROAD Australasian fleet.

Support driver training.

Promote driver self-management and healthy competition for safe driving by making the Leaderboard available to drivers as they go on and off their shifts, on a tablet, laptop or pin-up printouts.

Use driver rankings to drive safety.

Driver rankings on Leaderboard shows how your drivers compare within your organisation, and tracks how they perform over time. The star rating compares your drivers against EROAD Australasia driver benchmarks to help create safer drivers and safer vehicles.

EROAD Solution

Use Leaderboard to show you’re serious about creating a culture of safety-first in your organisation.

Key features include:

  • Drivers ranked on speeding, harsh braking and sharp acceleration based on frequency and severity of events.
  • Good driving over time allows drivers to improve Leaderboard ranking.
  • Star ratings benchmark your drivers against the EROAD client driving population.
  • Supports organisational training and reward programmes.
  • Report can be scheduled to be delivered to your email daily, weekly or monthly.