Programmed’s Journey to Enhanced Fleet Management with EROAD

Programmed’s Journey to Enhanced Fleet Management with EROAD

Programmed New Zealand has been on a remarkable journey to optimise fleet management and enhance safety. With the adoption of EROAD’s advanced technology platform across their fleet, it took only six months for the team to see a return on their investment – reaching significant milestones that are revolutionising the way they operate. Impressed with the results achieved by their New Zealand business, Programmed Australia decided to implement EROAD across it’s entire fleet in late 2023. 

About Programmed 

Programmed is a leading provider of staffing, facility management, maintenance and care services in both New Zealand and Australia.  

Programmed New Zealand began using EROAD to manage their fleet when they acquired AIM Services in early 2022. AIM Services had been using EROAD Fleet Management Software for several years to locate their fleet, improve operational efficiency and enhance discussions about on-the-job safety. 


The solution 

Programmed use EROAD’s 4G in-vehicle telematics device, the Ehubo 2 together with EROAD Where asset tracking tags on their assets for visibility of their whole fleet. 

EROAD is now the cornerstone of Programmed NZ’s fleet management strategy. It’s much more than a vehicle tracking system. As well as meticulously tracking vehicle movements, the team can monitor driver behaviour, and improve safety across the entire fleet.  

Benefits delivered within six months 

After six months, the team say they already began seeing real business benefits, including: 

  • enhanced fleet efficiency  
  • streamlined compliance management 
  • reduced operating costs  
  • improved safety  
  • data analytics  
  • detailed fuel consumption reporting 

Over time, Paula Thompson, Group Senior Fleet Coordinator at Programmed NZ says she expects to continue to see longer-term benefits in addition to this, “While we’re still collecting data, the early signs are promising. We anticipate reductions in accidents, improved overall fleet efficiency, and increased safety. We’re excited about the potential of EROAD’s platform to help us continue to innovate and enhance our fleet management.” 

Everything in one place 

Programmed Facility Management  and Programmed Property Services currently operates 550 fleet in New Zealand. Their fleet covers a wide range of vehicle types, including light vehicles, heavy vehicles, trailers, and mowers, spread across New Zealand from Whangarei to Invercargill. 

Managing such a diverse fleet can be complex, and the team needed a fleet management system that put everything in one place. Connected fleets provide a range of business benefits – from cost savings to safety enhancements. 


Paula adds, “[EROAD’s fleet management system is] essential for businesses with substantial vehicle fleets. For us, [it] translates to enhanced fleet efficiency, streamlined compliance management, reduced operating costs, improved safety, data analytics, and detailed reporting.” 

Choosing the best fleet management system for safety 

There are many telematics providers in the market, but Programmed has chosen EROAD as it’s fleet management technology partner. When choosing to add EROAD to their 3,000 Australian vehicles and assets, Shah Abdul-Rahman, Group General Manager of Programmed Risk and Compliance ANZ stated, “at Programmed, health and safety forms one of our core values. Programmed’s value of Personal Safety Leadership is aimed at creating and supporting a culture that empower our teams of employees and contractors to look out for each other and take the necessary action to ensure that they and their teammates return home safely after a productive day at work. That’s why we are pleased to be partnering with EROAD to help us continue achieving our goals. We selected EROAD after a successful trial that clearly highlighted how its embedded safety technology enables us to drive continuous improvement in safe driving behaviour.” 

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