EROAD Fleet Management Software Releases & New Features – March 2024

EROAD Fleet Management Software Releases & New Features – March 2024

January – March 2024

We’ve been busy collaborating with our customers, listening to feedback, and designing new products and features to help our customers get more out of their day to day and improve their fleet performance.


Better for Business: MyEROAD Fleet Map Enhancements

In February, MyEROAD Fleet Map had an upgrade, delivering a superior mapping experience tailored for your fleet management needs.

The new-look base layer surfaces valuable map data that’s always been in the background, but wasn’t visible – such as toll roads, highways, exit numbers and heavy vehicle weight limits. This upgrade brings the essentials to the forefront, ensuring you have the most relevant information at your fingertips.

  • Better definition between road types, such as highways and toll roads
  • More clearly displays restrictions that could impact your route planning
  • Handy new features like exit numbers or delivery entrances to make navigation easier
  • Transport-specific points of interest, such as weigh stations and truck parking

Learn more about this enhancement >


Detailed vehicle & assets export now available

Thanks to customer feedback, we’ve made some changes to the vehicle & assets export. The new CSV export now provides all the key information including groups/fleets. It’s an efficient and easy way for customers to get a list of their whole fleet.


New real-time overspeed alerts for fleet managers/operators

We’re continuously looking at ways to help our customers improve driver safety. Critical to improving safety is reducing speed. Speed may not always cause a crash but it will determine whether someone is killed, injured or walks away.

Our latest feature to help fleets manage and reduce speeding is our enhanced overspeed alerts feature, which alerts operators if a vehicle breaches a speeding threshold for any speed zone, e.g. going 15kmh over the road speed.

Learn more about this feature enhancement >



Fleet hierarchy now available for large and enterprise fleets

Fleet hierarchy is a new user permissions tool in MyEROAD designed specifically for larger, more complex fleets. By organising your fleet into hierarchy groups, it makes it much easier to manage and automate user permissions.


  • Set up groups and sub-groups to match your hierarchical structure
  • Drag and drop feature lets you easily move or add fleets to groups
  • Fleets can be added to multiple groups in the structure, if desired
  • Fleets don’t have to be in the hierarchy – they can be separate too
  • Manage user permissions by selecting or removing groups

To turn on this feature, speak to your account manager or call 1800 437 623.

MyEROAD and Core360 maps updated with the latest information

In March we completed our latest map refresh. By refreshing the map regularly, we ensure our map features all the latest changes such as new roads, suburbs and road speed changes.

Check out our previous blog for a summary of what was delivered between October and December 2023

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