EROAD Fleet Management Software Releases & New Features – December 2023

EROAD Fleet Management Software Releases & New Features – December 2023

October – December 2023

We’ve been busy collaborating with our customers, listening to feedback, and designing new products and features to help our customers get more out of their day to day and improve their fleet performance.


MyEROAD Bulk Import Tool

We’ve made it quicker and easier to perform bulk updates in MyEROAD. Support Users can now create and update multiple vehicles at once, including updating Plans, Features, and Add ons. You can find the bulk upload tool at MyEROAD > Administration.


Easier navigation from MyEROAD Mobile App 

MyEROAD mobile app users often use it to locate vehicles and assets around them, so we’ve released a small enhancement to make that easier. The app will now show you your location, and with one click, open your native mapping app (like Google or Apple Maps) and navigate you to that location. This is available now for all users.


Improved Engine Hours Accuracy

We’ve improved the accuracy with which we calculate Engine Hours across MyEROAD.


Supporting NZTA with a simpler RUC Offroad claim process (NZ only)

We’ve made it significantly easier for NZTA to process RUC offroad claims from EROAD customers. We’ve reduced the admin required by NZTA by over 85%, making it easier for them to process your applications.


Speeding up report load times

We continue to work on making reports load more quickly to improve user experience on the MyEROAD and Core360 platforms.

MyEROAD: In November, we rolled out changes to improve load times of the Overspeed Events, Overspeed Sessions and Trip Investigator reports. This is in addition to the Geofence reports that were improved in September.

Core360: Changes are being delivered to how we calculate vehicle distances that allows us to speed up the generation of reports, while ensuring consistency of data. This is being rolled out to the Daily and Weekly Fleet Utilisation reports, with an expectation that we will see a similar drop in the average execution time to that seen in the Total Distance report (reduced from minutes to ~7 seconds).


Our EROAD Clarity dashcam range, and the MyEROAD Replay portal continued to deliver fresh innovation to meet the evolving needs of our customers in the video telematics category.

Assign Coaching Actions to Videos in Bulk 

Increase the efficiency and consistency of your driver coaching program with this Clarity Dashcam feature that lets you assign coaching actions to multiple videos in bulk. Quickly manage numerous video events from the MyEROAD Replay dashboard by selecting the desired videos and assigning a new status via the “bulk actions” dropdown menu on the upper right of the screen.

Receive a Daily Email Digest for Video Events 

Get a driver safety snapshot and identify driving trends and behaviours that need to be addressed more easily with a single email that includes all triggered video events for the previous 24-hours. See what is happening across your fleet every day without having to log into MyEROAD.


Coming soon in 2024

We’ve got more exciting new products and enhancements coming in early 2024!

  • EROAD will launch CAN Bus Connect to deliver a whole new level of insight for heavy fleet managers, from preventive maintenance to more accurate fuel reporting
  • MyEROAD Fleet Map enhancements will deliver a superior mapping experience tailored to your fleet management needs.

Check out our previous blog for a summary of EROAD’s 2023 highlights, and what to expect in 2024.

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