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EROAD experts interpret Australian regulations for fleets


Rebecca Kemp

Senior Product Manager

“Our product team at EROAD is constantly monitoring and discussing transportation technology developments. My task as a product leader is to work with the concerns of fleet leaders in real-time while helping them prepare for the upcoming future as they balance their needs for making the right long-term investments with their need for maximizing revenue today in a competitive tight margin environment.”


Peter Carr

Director, Regulatory Market Development

“Fleets have to adapt to the regulations of today and be ready for the regulations that are coming down the pipe. The success of fleet technology roadmapping to lead in fleet health and safety depends on working with government officials to interpret coming rules and regulations. We share openly with fleet leaders so they are making the best decisions possible in their fleet operations regardless of the technology they use today.”


Andrew Davies

General Manager – Sales & Customer Engagement

“Meeting with fleet leaders both directly and at events from the ATA to NatRoad, I look to connect the people, process and technologies that can drive fleet operations forward. My team is continually striving to consult with customers on industry best practices to ensure they are driving results and strong returns on their investments.”