The Road to sustainability

The Road to sustainability


Sustainability policy may be set by Governments, but effective change will be driven through the pace of business adoption.

At EROAD, our customer base includes industries which are typically high Green House Gas (GHG) emitters. We are uniquely placed to understand how ready these businesses are to respond to any shift in sustainability reporting and regulation.

In Australia, transport accounts for 17% of total emissions and industrial processes for a further 5.7%.

This report analyses how prepared businesses may be for this shift in compliance, as well as the challenges and benefits they are currently experiencing.

Sustainability Report

Are you part of the 42% lagging behind?
Are you like the 30% only motivated by regulatory change?

We conducted a sustainability sentiment survey reaching 1,134 business decision makers across Australia and New Zealand to understand the following:

  • How businesses report on sustainability
  • What challenges businesses face in adopting sustainability goals
  • Which stakeholders’ businesses are feeling pressure from, and what motivates the desire to change
  • Planned investment areas
  • Planned fleet changes

Key findings from this survey are contained in this report.

These results allow you to benchmark your own business’ journey. Are you ahead of the pack, or do you still have further to travel?

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