Civil and construction GPS solutions

The complete fleet and asset management solution for Civil Contracting and Construction

EROAD’s world class telematics solution for the civil sector supports safe operators and productive assets.

  • Full visibility over all your assets, vehicles and auxiliary equipment.
  • Accurate, reliable and easy to use technology that works in the field.
  • Improve fleet productivity and utilisation through access to advanced data insights.
  • Electronic FBT solutions
  • Industry leading safety solution to protect your business and team.
  • Cost-effective asset management with smart service scheduling and vehicle inspections.
  • Proof of service to build strong, sustainable customer relationships.
  • Excellent support from our friendly team.

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Fleet and asset productivity

EROAD’s “whole of fleet” telematics solution and utilisation reporting ensure you can maximise productivity, improve return on investment and ensure you are delivering the best possible outcomes for your customers.

Fleet Tracking

EROAD’s advanced, secure fleet tracking provides operational transparency and enhanced control.

Vehicle information is displayed on digital maps, allowing you to see at a glance the location of vehicles and staff in the field. You can confidently allocate resources, optimise routes, plan accurate schedules, and maximise productivity.

EROAD’s in-cab telematics solution provides world class tracking and management for your road going assets and vehicles – where improving driver behaviour, managing service and maintenance, health and safety compliance, and managing on and off-road work movements are key requirements.

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Asset Tracking

From Heavy and Light Vehicles to Powered and non-Powered assets – our solution has all the bases covered. From the in-cab Ehubo2 that provides industry leading telematics, driver behaviour and health and safety capability – through to wired and battery powered asset tracking devices – we can ensure that you not only have visibility of your assets but the information you need to make sure they are being fully utilised and delivering on your contract commitments.

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Asset Tracking Devices

ETrack Wired – Asset Tracker
ETrack Wired is designed to take care of tracking your powered assets and equipment – when you need a full tracking and management solution but don’t require the in-cab experience of the Ehubo2.

The ETrack device is:

  • Durable, watertight and IP rated enclosure
  • High sensitivity GPS
  • Rechargeable backup battery, with up to 6 months life
  • 2 inputs for additional data capture

fleetandasset ETrackWired

Independent Auxiliary Equipment Monitoring

EROAD’s asset tracking solution not only covers your primary assets but also gives full visibility and tracking of your auxiliary equipment usage – including hours of usage and location tracking that enables accurate proof of service reporting and service management.


Site Activity Monitoring

Stop watch geofence allows you to set time limits for geofences and monitor time-on-site targets. The Geofence Site Activity provides complete visibility of activity on site – including turnaround time, site entry and exit time and duration of auxiliary equipment usage – to facilitate invoicing, proof of service and handling supplier queries and disputes.

Geofence Customer Tags let you create SLA reports for your customers based on activity on site and schedule them direct to their inbox.

Utilisation Toolkit

Knowing where your assets are and what they are doing is the first step. Our suite of utilisation tools then takes you to the next level of productivity management.

  • Utilisation Reports allow you to see vehicle or group utilisation percentages based on running hours or distance. The report lets you determine target running hours and then report on exceptions to this KPI.
  • Trip Investigator allows your dispatchers to interrogate departure and arrival times from point to point to help optimise travel routes.
  • Advanced geofence tools such as time alerts for vehicles running behind schedule.
  • EROAD also has its own Pool Booking platform targeted and increasing utilisation of pool cars.
  • Integration with job management providers like My Trucking can provide income per kilometre reports for profitability analysis.

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Health & Safety Management

Improve driver safety, behaviour and performance with a comprehensive suite of technology and tools.

EROAD are experts in helping you manage the risks associated with fleet management and supporting a safety focused culture in your organisation. Creating a safe workplace is a key goal for all of our customers. We provide you with driver-friendly tools and the reports you need to meet your obligations under the Chain of Responsibility legislation – from safer driving, to safer vehicles.

Revolutionise health and safety compliance with the Ehubo2

Multiple driver-centric applications on a single platform will revolutionise safety compliance for your business: Drive Buddy, Messaging, Fuel Management and Driver Login. 

EROAD’s Ehubo2 device bridges the gap between after-the-event management reporting and as it happens behind-the-wheel influence on driver behaviour. This is delivering faster and more sustainable safety outcomes for our customers.

helthandsafety EHubo2

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Driver coaching
The Ehubo2 and EROAD Depot software delivers a single, consistent platform for your drivers. Monitor live vehicle and driver behaviour and deliver coaching and scoring to a driver directly in-cab.

Benchmark your drivers against their industry peers and compare them to the EROAD population of 60,000+ vehicles.

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Driver Login
Driver Login on the Ehubo2 is a flexible platform to ensure you can track all of your employees, including temporary drivers, with no key fobs, no fuss. You can monitor driving time and location of drivers in real time, using the Depot web application.

Driver accountability has a very real impact on safe driving – a recent EROAD study found that vehicles where a driver was logged in had 50% less speed events than vehicles with no identified driver.

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Drive Buddy
Drive Buddy supports your drivers with visual, easy-to-understand messages. In-cab feedback and alerts enable drivers to develop and maintain good driving habits.

helthandsafety Fleet Messaging

Stay in touch with your drivers with our secure two-way messaging service. Broadcast a message to the entire fleet or specific vehicles to improve productivity, safety and job management.

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Seatbelt Monitoring
We make it easier for you to monitor your staff’s safety when they’re driving. A visual and audible alert reminds the driver to buckle up, and sends a notification to your fleet manager.

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Posted Speed
Provides drivers with the road network speed data they need to make better driving decisions.

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Simplifying Compliance

A solution for tax, regulatory and health and safety management including electronic FBT, vehicle servicing and compliance.

A driver interface that seamlessly connects drivers to vehicles, and vehicles to dispatchers. 

Automate FBT claims, monitor maintenance, repairs and servicing; and be alerted to vehicle defects – all electronically. Reduce paperwork for your dispatchers and your drivers and increase compliance.

Fleet Servicing and Maintenance

EROAD Inspect

Track vehicle defects easily by capturing and displaying them in real time on the Defect Board — ready for you to take action.

Any items that drivers report as failed or need attention, feed straight into the defect management portal to manage and monitor repairs. The Inspect portal is a fully auditable tool to help identify when faults were reported, when they are booked in for repair and when the repair was completed. 

Inspect can be used either on a Mobile device, through our Inspect Application – or right on the in-vehicle device (the Ehubo2). This gives you the ultimate flexibility for drivers, supervisors and service people to use the device that best suits their needs.


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Service Module
Maintenance and repairs are a significant component of your business expenses. Scheduling periodic and systematic vehicle inspections helps to keep on top of the health of your fleet and avoid unexpected repair bills or compromised vehicle integrity.

Schedule services based on time lapsed, distance travelled or engine hours, and record ‘to-do’ tasks for future services. You can manage and control vehicle maintenance and repairs

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Electronic FBT Management 

Electronic FBT Logbooks save time and money 

EROAD’s Electronic FBT Logbook provides an easy to use solution that minimises FBT payments, as well as time spent by your staff collecting and maintaining the required records. 

The EROAD Electronic FBT Logbook is ATO approved, for peace of mind when lodging FBT and in the event of an audit. 

The EROAD solution provides - 

  • Support for calculation of FBT using the Operating Cost method to minimise payment of FBT by your business.
  • Easy logbook capture of trip purpose for your drivers, as our EROAD system automatically records all other required trip details.
  • Headline metrics that help fleet and operations managers select a representative 12-week period to accurately show the business usage of the vehicles in your fleet and, that allow them to monitor business vs private usage.
  • Reports highlight when a driver doesn’t complete the logbook to improve compliance.
  • Largely automated record keeping stored for the requisite period and quick to audit.


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Accurate Data and Insights

Maximise asset performance with accurate and insightful reporting, including industry benchmarking, through a single source of truth.

EROAD’s Analytics and Reporting were founded on two core principles – unparalleled accuracy and reliability to give you complete confidence in the data delivered. The Ehubo2 has been independently verified to accurately record location and distance at a tax audit level of +/- 1%.


EROAD’s web application, Depot, allows you to view and monitor your vehicles in real time from any web-enabled device. Depot is home to a range of powerful tools and insightful reports, all designed to help you better manage your business.

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Benchmarking is the differentiator for EROAD’s Analytics suite. EROAD is in a unique position to generate high quality, advanced data analyses based on the big data we have access to through the over 60,000 EROAD equipped vehicles throughout Australasia.

Drivers can be benchmarked against other drivers in your industry – and across the whole transport sector. The Fuel Efficiency report delivers a view of performance using a simple traffic light rating system. The report rates vehicles against the fuel efficiency benchmark for Make and Model, across EROAD’s national fleet – allowing you to easily identify vehicles which have room for improvement, and to make vehicle purchasing decisions based on fuel efficiency.


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  • Leaderboard
    Leaderboard shows how your drivers compare within your organisation and to EROAD’s industry benchmarks and tracks how they perform over time, with scores based on key driver metrics.
  • Driver Insight
    A summary of smart, driver-specific feedback, this report highlights specific areas for improvement and key messages, making it easy to empower your drivers to adopt safe driving habits.
  • Virtual Speed Camera
    EROAD’s powerful Virtual Speed Camera tool helps you to pinpoint areas of risk and set safe operating speeds for your fleet. You can create geofences around your key high-risk areas such as customer sites, loading zones and schools and set specific limits.
  • Over Speed Dashboard
    Over Speed Dashboard provides a record of vehicle speeding events that exceed posted speed limits. It presents an overview of the speeding behaviour across your fleet, including trends, and enables you to focus on individual speeding events. 
  • Max Speed Alert
    Take swift action to address excessive speed, protecting your business, your drivers and the public. Max Speed Alert provides in-cab speeding notifications to help you meet health and safety compliance, avoid the costly impact of an on-road incident and support driver training and incentive programmes.
  • Trip Investigator
    Improve fatigue management with Trip Investigator. It shows you exactly where your vehicles have travelled the previous day or week, and allows you to identify excessively long trips and after-hours travel.

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Improving Customer Experience

Provide your customers with accurate and detailed on-site monitoring, proof of service reporting and contract compliance.

Build strong and sustainable business relationships with your customers and improve contract compliance through the monitoring and sharing of reliable and informative reporting of on-site activity. Have a complete overview of your own and your contractors’ fleets and keep your team up to date with key site information.

Proof of Service

EROAD’s Proof of Service provides a new ‘gold standard’ for contract reporting with a map visualisation of asset or fleet activity for the reporting period, as well as a complete drilldown to all sensor events.

It simplifies contract reporting to help customers retain and invoice civil maintenance or construction engagements.

The report delivers an accurate, verifiable record of service of auxiliary equipment activity based on EROAD’s highly accurate tracking devices – Ehubo2 and ETrack Wired.

Once the vehicle’s auxiliary equipment is physically connected to EROAD’s hardware – the report can deliver an accurate, verifiable record of service to your customers. The proof of service report can deliver a comprehensive description of civil contracting activity including pavement gritting, sweeping, snow clearance, mowing, road sweeping, road marking or of construction activity such as digging, rolling or grading.

For a completely frictionless experience, customers additionally have the option to provide the Contract Owner with a log-in to view activity completed in their own portal view.


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Key Features

  • Visualisation of auxiliary equipment activity on a map (base map layer and satellite map layer) clearly denoting  activity. Activity can be viewed across a day, week or month for selected vehicles or groups.
  • CSV extract including vehicle, activity type, data/time, road location start – end, distance and average speed for granular proof of service reporting. 
  • Proof of Service Login for your own customers.


EROAD Share is a unique feature of the EROAD platform that allow you to have the same visibility of a partner or sub-contractor’s fleets as you have of your own. This gives you the ability to continue to deliver high-quality service to your customers, whilst ensuring the safety of all drivers working for you.

For example, if a vehicle is off the road due to repairs and you need to utilise a sub-contractor’s asset, or you rent a truck from a hire company, at the click of a button they can share data directly from the non-fleet vehicle back to you. This ensures your drivers, dispatchers and management have minimal business disruption, letting you get back to business.

  • EROAD Share will allow you to share (or receive) visibility of location, Leaderboard driver behaviour reports, driver insight reports, and driver safety reports
  • Share visibility when working on a joint venture, or a road maintenance contract
  • Require hire vehicles equipped with EROAD to be shared with you
  • Require subcontractors or your suppliers to share visibility with you


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“We now have the same level of visibility across our owner-driver fleet as we do of our own company fleet and can now better manage all their compliance. We thought we were good and now, with EROAD Share across the fleet, we know we’re good.”

Barry Raymond
CEO, Freightlines

Site Activity Reporting

EROAD’s geofence reporting will give you a complete view of site activity – by customer, branch or region – using tags, so you can easily interrogate your performance and confirm contract compliance through KPI’s such as the number of visits, arrival/ departure time and time on site.


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Job Management 

Interact seamlessly with partners to improve job management and customer service

EROAD Partner Gateway
EROAD’s Partner Gateway is a unique feature of the EROAD platform. Through our Partner Gateway and available APIs EROAD has integrated with key job management platforms like ICOS LIVE and My Trucking, giving you a single view in the EROAD Depot software and the ability to improve your customer service.

My Trucking Integration
Online transport management is made easy with EROAD and My Trucking. EROAD’s easy-to-use electronic solution simplifies health and safety compliance and fleet management.

My Trucking replaces paper-based systems with powerful, cloud-based job management software. They make it easy for operators to move away from paper, streamlining the process for dispatchers, drivers and accounts. It targets small to medium transport businesses.

Together, EROAD and My Trucking will help you improve cashflow, deliver better service to your customers, and run a more efficient business.

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Safety in numbers

Our customers rely on the accurate and reliable information our platform delivers to their fingertips. They use this data to make decisions that make their business run faster, safer and more successfully.

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