Driver Login

Driver identification helps drive accountability

Getting visibility into who’s behind the wheel promote safety and performance

EROAD Driver Login uses a PIN system with a unique PIN number to identify who’s behind the wheel, giving you better, more accurate visibility of your fleet to support health and safety, boost driver performance and simplify job management.


Encourage driver accountability.

Simple, secure login process identifies the individual driver and enables driver-focused reporting in Depot.

Train and retain drivers.

Easy-to-understand, visual reports and actionable feedback can help you boost driving performance and encourage driver retention.

Protect your reputation.

Enhanced visibility of what’s going on in your fleet promotes safe driving and your reputation on the road.

Simplify job management.

Realtime view of which driver is logged in and their location enables dispatch to quickly locate a driver for easier job management and better customer service.


Identifying drivers with Login can reduce speeding incidents by at least 50%.

Promoting safe driving behaviour is difficult when you don’t know who’s behind the wheel.

EROAD Driver Login’s PIN system lets drivers identify themselves once the ignition is on. It’s a quick, intuitive, and secure way to identify your drivers and incentivise good driving. Exact identification of drivers allows you to support positive driving behaviour and reference it in appraisals and reward programmes.

A recent EROAD study* found driver accountability can reduce speeding by at least 50%. Identifying drivers creates opportunities for you to reward great driving and foster positive competition.

Correct driver identification also enhances visibility of driver location and driving times, and unlocks valuable insights on driver performance. Easy-to-understand, visual reports and actionable feedback can help you boost driver performance and improve health and safety outcomes for your fleet.

EROAD Solution

Key features include:

  • Simple PIN identification of driver on in-cab Ehubo2, with no additional hardware required
  • Get a realtime view of which drivers are logged in, which vehicle they’re in, and their location
  • See driver behaviour activity reporting on EROAD Leaderboard, Over-Speed Dashboard, Driver Safety Report, and Idle report for specific feedback and training
  • See which driver was driving any given vehicle on a job site in the Geofence Activity Dashboard
  • Easy bulk upload of drivers from a CSV file
  • Driver Login Monitor reports on driver login time, providing a quick view of fleet and driver adherence to your driver login policy