How to maximise your fleet’s productivity with telematics

How to maximise your fleet’s productivity with telematics

Telematics technology now plays a key role in helping successful fleets, the world over, achieve greater productivity thanks to its ability to provide better visibility of a fleet’s operations and performance.

Platforms, like EROAD’s award-winning fleet management software, create smart ‘connected vehicles’ that are being used to optimise businesses of all sizes to better manage costs, performance, compliance and overall efficiency.

So what is telematics and how does it work?

Telematics merges telecommunications and information technology together to gather a wide range of data about your fleet. That information provides powerful insights that not only helps increase your productivity, but also make better informed, data-based decisions about your business.

EROAD’s advanced telematics platform helps you manage all your vehicles and assets on one platform so you have complete visibility of your fleet as well as to manage other critical business issues such as Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) and maximising your Fuel Tax Credits claims.

Its driver, maintenance and safety features can also enhance your safety culture and better manage your Chain of Responsibility compliance.


Managing fleet productivity with EROAD

Telematics gathers vital data – data provides insights – insights is power!

A key benefit of EROAD’s telematics technology is its ability to help businesses identify areas where further efficiencies can be made.

Everything from fuel consumption, scheduling and prioritisation, vehicle activity (including off-road travel), speed and driver behaviour, vehicle route and location, performance and maintenance schedules can be monitored and displayed on a central, cloud-based portal for you.

You get a bird’s-eye view of your entire fleet, its overall health, safety, compliance and productivity at the touch of a button. What’s more, you can easily identify areas that need focus and also actively respond to events as they happen.

This enables you to reduce costs and allocate your team and vehicles more efficiently and productively. EROAD also helps save you time by automating a variety of, otherwise time-consuming, manual processes.

The result is a leaner, more efficient, higher performing fleet that can continue to grow your business and bottom line.


“EROAD fleet tracking is fantastic – we’re increasingly seeing benefits in reporting. It’s even more important than real-time information because it’s giving us a history of everything from mileage, event logs to fuel efficiency and maintenance. With servicing, for example, it’s starting to build a picture that helps us make decisions about vehicle replacement, based on factors like fuel economy and repair costs. It’s creating more and more information that’s really beneficial to our fleet.”

Glenn Coughlan
National Operations Manager

Crown Relocations

Here’s just a few key ways EROAD’s telematics solution can maximise your fleet’s productivity:

  1. Monitors and optimises fleet performance rates
  2. Identifies under-performing vehicles and assets
  3. Enhances fuel efficiency
  4. Helps reduce speeding events
  5. Assists in identifying optimal routes
  6. Improves vehicle maintenance scheduling
  7. Tracks vehicles and driver activity
  1. Nurtures a solid safety culture
  2. Enhances CoR compliance
  3. Monitors driver fatigue
  4. Helps ensure responsible mass to load constraints
  5. Encourages safer, more accountable drivers
  6. Drives down insurance excess and premiums
  7. Monitors vehicle usage for FBT

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