MyEROAD Fleet Map

GPS tracking for improved visibility across the fleet

Instant visibility across the fleet with high-resolution, accurate vehicle tracking

Knowing the location of your vehicles at any given moment (and also retrospectively) provides peace of mind and productivity improvements that keep customers happy, drivers safe, and businesses profitable.


Essential information, as you need it

EROAD’s accurate fleet tracking displays vehicle information on digital maps, giving you accurate data you can trust. The ability to see all your vehicles at a glance on the Activity screen in EROAD’s web application, MyEROAD, means you don’t waste time trying to contact your drivers to identify their location, or manually investigating journeys. Enhanced visibility simplifies dispatch and job management, improving communication between dispatch and drivers, and helping you meet agreed customer service levels. The MyEROAD Fleet Map gives you the essential information, as you need it, enabling you to get things done faster.

1. Optimise visibility

Accurate vehicle information provides operational transparency and enhanced control

2. Improve job management

Your customers can be confident your jobs will be completed on schedule and you can verify time on site

3. Ensure safety

Provide a safe working environment, with the ability to accurately track vehicles and drivers and be aware of potential hazards

4. Boost profitability

Time is money. You won’t waste time trying to track down your drivers, or manually managing vehicles and jobs

EROAD Solution

MyEROAD Fleet Map key features

  • Accurately and easily track your fleet wherever you are – on your mobile, tablet, computer, or a wall display in a call centre
  • See a display of up to 10000 vehicles/assets on the map at once
  • Provides intelligent clustering, to ensure you can see the level of information that matters to you
  • Easily view vehicle details, the Ehubo status, current speed, drivers name, and drivers contact details
  • View the MyEROAD Fleet Map in our web platform, MyEROAD, which displays up-to-date information on the location of your vehicles
  • See where your vehicles have been, this includes: journey time, distance and the last location
  • New ETA feature gives the back office estimated arrival times based on route, live traffic and vehicle weight
  • New Vehicle History feature in MyEROAD Fleet Map, makes it easier than ever to investigate up to the minute information about where your vehicles have been, and what they’ve been doing