Preventative Vehicle Maintenance

Preventative Vehicle Maintenance

EROAD helps you keep your fleet on the road with MyEROAD Fleet Maintenance.

Simplify servicing with automated service scheduling based on time lapsed, distance travelled, or engine hours run.


Keep your fleet on the road and driving towards profitability.

Accountability and transparency around your vehicle maintenance is an essential part of running a successful operation.

Now you can simplify servicing with automated service scheduling based on time lapsed, distance travelled, or engine hours run. You can schedule periodic and systematic vehicle inspections to help you keep on top of the health of your fleet and avoid unexpected repair bills.


Reduced fleet downtime.

Keep your vehicles on the road by reducing the risk of breakdowns and associated drop in productivity.

Tools to operate a compliant fleet

A well-maintained fleet helps you meet health and safety compliance and minimise risk.

Ensure driver safety

In-cab driver surveys, enables important questions to be asked of your drivers before they start their day.

Reduce vehicle operating cost.

Stay on top of vehicle maintenance with automated service scheduling, avoiding the need for unforeseen repairs.

Drive vehicle health insights.

Provides insights to help make informative vehicle life cycle decisions.

EROAD Solution

MyEROAD Fleet Maintenance key features include:

  • Use engine hours and odometer readings in deciding when you should schedule preventative maintenance
  • Notifications for vehicle service alerts including Roadworthy Certificate RWC, WOF and Rego.
  • Periodic and custom service scheduling by date, and/or distance, and/or engine hours.
  • Record supplier, service details, costs, invoice number and details, and unforeseen service events such as emergency repair work.
  • Generate service history reports by vehicle, date and/or category of service.
  • Send pre-trip messages out to your drivers to get them to check for regular maintenance needs.
  • Streamline communications between the back office and the driver on vehicle problems.
  • Streamline workflow of reporting, maintenance and completion of tasks with in-cab communications.
  • The defects that your drivers notify you of in Inspect can be monitored and scheduled in MyEROAD Fleet Maintenance. This seamless integration ensures your drivers only submit the defect once and you can all keep track of progress towards repair.
  • Speed up getting your truck back on the road faster when you have a break down through efficient communication between driver and back office. Send the driver alerts on contact information, guidelines for repair.
  • Provide service suppliers with web access to selected vehicles and fleets.
  • Keep a full archive of your service history.
  • APIs for suppliers and OEMs to contribute more effectively to the management of your vehicles. (coming soon)
  • Use Power Take Off hourly usage to understand maintenance schedules for units that are running off the PTOs. (like compressors) (coming soon)
  • Assign a service plan to a type and make of vehicle, so you have consistency of maintenance across your vehicles and they are quicker to set up using the profile. (coming soon)
In-cab communications

The most important health check you can provide your business is for your drivers