How EROAD can nurture safer, more productive drivers for your fleet

How EROAD can nurture safer, more productive drivers for your fleet

Your drivers hold a significant amount of responsibility for the safe and optimal operation of your fleet’s vehicles. Bad decisions, accidents, traffic violations and other risky driving behaviours cost your business in a number of ways – reputationally, financially, operationally and even legally.

Globally, fleets of all sizes are embracing telematics technology to help monitor and optimise their driver’s performance on the road and enhance a range of other key fleet management components to help run a more productive fleet.

EROAD’s smart fleet management platform helps with everything from route planning, driver and vehicle performance through to safety, productivity, compliance and cost management to achieve efficiencies across all parts of your business.

Let data drive your fleet’s performance

The key to creating a safer driving culture is to not only monitor driver behaviour – but to also use the data and insights gained to make your drivers more aware of issues and help coach them to be safer.

Telematics technology helps increase driver accountability, facilitates better driving choices at the same time as allowing you to reinforce and reward good driving habits.

EROAD achieves this by bridging the gap between after-the-event management reporting and in-cab, behind-the-wheel influence on driver behaviour.

EROAD’s in-vehicle Ehubo2 device captures essential information on driver behaviour and then provides real-time coaching feedback to the driver to remedy any issues immediately. It also transmits and records the data for viewing on our desktop fleet management and reporting portal – Depot.

Real-time feedback and alerts can bring your operating costs down by saving on fuel, brakes, lowering maintenance costs and, ultimately, reducing the risk of accidents.

With EROAD’s Leaderboard, you get an inside view of your fleet based on key driver metrics, enabling you to set up effective driver training and reward programmes.

It also helps you reward great driving by using gamification to encourage proactive improvement with a bit of healthy competition. Drivers can be scored on key driver metrics, with rankings showing how your drivers compare with each other and against industry driver benchmarks.

EROAD’s customisable reports allow you to organise the data by driver so you can coach those who need it at the same time as incentivising and rewarding drivers who improve or excel.

EROAD’s Ehubo2 supports drivers with data and in-cab notifications on speeding, harsh braking, cornering and sharp acceleration so they can make safer decisions while they’re on the road.  It also allows for two-way messaging so you can stay in touch with your drivers while they’re out on the road.


“Not everyone is taught how to drive correctly, how to manage their day and so on. It might just be a simple gear change in the wrong rev range and the driver is getting into the red zone instead of sitting in the most economical zone. We use EROAD as a safety tool but data’s power. The more data you have, the better you can run, the more efficient you can become. The more efficient we become, the more we can give to the staff.”

Andrew Forbes,
Director. Challenge Logistics

Driver accountability has a very real impact on speed and road safety. An EROAD study found that vehicles where the driver was logged in had 50% less speed events than vehicles with no identified driver.

EROAD study, June 2016, across 1344 organisations

EROAD’s Electronic Logbook allows you to keep track of your driver’s hours and also lowers the risk of accidental non-compliance with FBT rules.

Speeding is just one behaviour that can be monitored with a telematics solution to reduce risk to your fleet. With EROAD, you can also monitor seat belt usage, harsh braking and acceleration to help improve driver safety.

Ensuring your drivers are safe on the road can also provide other benefits to your business such as reduced fuel and insurance premiums and excess, less vehicle downtime, reduced fines and penalties, happier drivers and customers!

Installing EROAD in your vehicles can also help reduce your insurance premiums and excess if you can demonstrate to your insurer your drivers are in the top 25% of performers on EROAD’s Leaderboard. It can also lower your ACC premiums.

And in those rare cases where drivers might be falsely accused of speeding or reckless driving, you also can refer back to precise data on EROAD’s platform to confirm the vehicle’s speed and location at the time.


“I can see Leaderboard reports at any time of day, any day of the year, on my phone. It’s a great innovation. It makes my job much easier being able to keep on top of what’s happening in the fleet remotely.”

Blair Inglis,
Fleet Compliance Manager, Foodstuffs North Island

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