The Benefits of Using In-Cab Communications

The Benefits of Using In-Cab Communications

In-cab comms can keep your teams connected while safeguarding your business. With simple pretrip surveys, you can tick important boxes when it comes to compliance and health and safety.

What is it and how does it work?

The in-cab comms add-on is part of the MyEROAD Fleet Maintenance solution. Once enabled, fleet managers can push simple, paperless surveys to drivers’ Ehubo2 devices. Configure up to 10 custom questions with OK or YES/NO responses to remind drivers of safety obligations, pretrip tasks, or even update them of changing road conditions – before they hit the road.

(Note: Only one pretrip comms bundle may be created for distribution at a time.)

Examples of common use cases:

  1. Compliance: Have you completed your pretrip inspection?
  2. Health and safety: Are you fit to drive? (i.e., are you well-rested and sober?)
  3. New procedures: Has the vehicle been sanitised to protect against COVID?
  4. Daily messages and real-time updates: Traffic alert on highway 6 – avoid if possible today.
  5. Protocol reinforcement: Did you remember to sanitise your hands?
  6. Driver acknowledgement: Do you agree to comply with all vehicle safety policies?
  7. Equipment reminders: Did you remember to bring your PPE gear

What fleet administrators see in MyEROAD:

MyEROAD admin view

What drivers see on Ehubo2:


Failed responses are listed at the top for fleet managers to action:

MyEROAD Driver responses

What are the benefits of in-cab communication?

EROAD’s purpose-built software can be a key pillar in automating, assuring, and managing your Chain of Responsibility obligations. Simplify processes and document the actions you’ve taken to manage safety. 

In-cab communication before a driver begins their day is the one of the best ways to automate Chain of Responsibility requirements. Communicate and enforce compliance and receive digital acknowledgement of up to 10 key messages of your choosing.

You’ll be able to ensure that important communications are seen and acknowledged by drivers. You’ll also have evidence that all practicable steps have been taken to reinforce safe driving policies and compliance standards, as required by Chain of Responsibility laws.

In our modern era of distributed workforces, many of whom don’t see each other regularly, effective communication matters now more than ever. With in-cab communications, you’ll be on the same page and attuned to what’s going on with your drivers.

“I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say that the fleet could be paying millions of dollars if an incident happens without them being able to prove they did their due diligence,” says EROAD product manager Hatem Taha. “Due diligence is making sure their drivers have consented on their fitness to do the trip. If they cannot prove that in a timely and regular manner, they could be in trouble. In-cab comms automates a very important process that can save a lot of headaches when there is a problem.”

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