EROAD Clarity Dashcam

Get the Clarity you’ve been missing.

The EROAD Clarity Dashcam gives fleet managers the full picture while protecting drivers from liability – and their own bad driving habits.

EROAD Clarity Dashcam

Made for the EROAD ecosystem, the EROAD Clarity Dashcam combines full HD video with accurate telematics data. See more. Do more.

Your drivers have it tough out there. Carrying heavy loads at high speeds, often over long distances, they have to manage their own behaviour as well as the unpredictable actions of other drivers.

When boredom and fatigue set in, they may take risks that lead to disastrous consequences. In other cases, your driver may not be at fault – or even have been driving defensively to avoid a more serious collision. With a dashcam installed, you’ll know the difference.

EROAD Clarity Dashcam automatically records and stores up to 40 hours of drive-time footage, easily retrievable using MyEROAD Replay.

Did you know that 80 percent of fatal accidents involving trucks are caused by other motorists? Without a dashcam, it’s your word against theirs.

No wonder dashcams are becoming the new normal. One in 5 drivers now use a dashcam in their vehicle, and of that number, more than half purchased their camera within the last 12 months.

The overwhelming majority, 83 percent, installed a dashcam to assist with insurance claims. And a surprising 4 out of 5 drivers believe that safety is more important than privacy.

EROAD’s Clarity Dashcam is designed for safety. The goal is education, prevention, and in cases where an accident has happened, proof of the facts.


EROAD Clarity Dashcam

See what’s happening on the road and behind the wheel, only when you need to.

The dual-facing EROAD Clarity Dashcam is fully integrated with Ehubo2 and MyEROAD and requires no action on the driver’s part. While the camera is always on whenever your truck is, only a harsh driving event – speeding, sudden braking or swerving, or an actual crash – will trigger a video to be sent to the MyEROAD platform for review.

Footage from up to 40 hours of driving can also be retrieved as needed, and the driver can record and send video on demand. When no events occur, EROAD Clarity simply overwrites itself, and your team can keep on trucking.

Each automatically uploaded video clip is 20 seconds, capturing the triggering moment plus 10 seconds before and after, both inside and outside the vehicle – or just outside, depending on your company’s needs and policies. You also have the option to record audio (set to OFF by default), and lens caps afford privacy to drivers who wish to sleep in their cab in auxiliary mode.

Leveraging major telecommunications networks, the EROAD Clarity Dashcam records continuously, even when out of coverage, then resumes uploading when you’re back in range.

Fleets that implement EROAD Clarity Dashcams can not only save lives but also safeguard their bottom line.

With EROAD Clarity, you can:

Reduce your incident rate
Exonerate drivers who aren’t at fault
Protect your business from liability and financial loss
EROAD_IconLibrary_2019_safety and compliance
Demonstrate exceptional Health & Safety compliance
Save on insurance and repair costs
Use video footage as a coaching tool to improve driver performance
Improve the safety and efficiency of your entire fleet

Key features

Fully integrated with MyEROAD, our cloud-based fleet management portal
Rugged, tamper-proof, and purpose-built for extreme conditions and temperatures
Automatic ON with ignition so your driver can’t forget
Automatically record 20-second video clips triggered by harsh acceleration, braking, and cornering and upload to the cloud – no driver action required
Manually send video to the cloud using a dash-mounted push button (kit included)
Continue recording when out of coverage; automatically upload when back in range


Front or dual-facing dashcam
High-resolution, encrypted, 140-degree video and optional audio
Black box storage card holds up to 40 hours of drive-time footage for secure retrieval, even after a high-impact accident
IP41 rated, -20 – +60 °C operating temperature
High-performance processor for edge computing and future AI capabilities
High frame rate for clear views of obstacles, signage, and licence plates

MyEROAD Replay

Automatically send triggered video clips to MyEROAD and notify the fleet manager
Reliably retrieve footage post-incident for up to 40 hours of previous drive time
Quickly click between footage, your event logbook, and vehicle maintenance information to expedite investigations
Easily share video with third parties, including law enforcement and insurance claims adjustors
Collect driver notes, behaviour reports, footage, and photographs for high-impact coaching and driver rewards
Tag clips to streamline your driver coaching workflow (“to be coached” or “coached”; “to review” or “reviewed”)
Roadmap: Tie your driver footage to future features of the MyEROAD portal

Want to coach your drivers better and easily determine what happened in case of an incident?

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