EROAD Road to Sustainability 2023

EROAD Road to Sustainability 2023

Largest sustainability survey of transport operators casts doubt on the sector’s ability to meet Government Net Zero goals. 


EROAD has released the findings of its third annual sustainability sentiment survey, collating the responses of 1200+ business decision makers and transport operators across Australia and New Zealand.

Transport accounts for 17% of emissions in New Zealand and 19% in Australia. The New Zealand Government has a 2030 emissions reduction target of 50%, whilst the Australian Government has a 2030 emissions reduction target of 40%. However, the survey results show that business fleets are still lagging on emission reduction and that access to better data through tools like EROAD is crucial.

The survey revealed a concerning disparity between large and small fleets. Notably, 66% of large fleets have implemented emissions reduction plans and are actively monitoring their emissions. However, smaller businesses with fewer than 300 vehicles lag behind, with 62% lacking net-zero strategies and a staggering 78% not measuring their carbon emissions, making meeting the Net Zero targets incredibly challenging.

Craig Marris, EROAD’s Chief Sustainability Officer, highlighted the survey’s findings, “The results from our Sustainability Survey underscore the divergence between large and small fleets in terms of preparedness and shows that more urgent support and awareness of the available tools is needed. Access to data remains a key barrier for many smaller fleets to initiate their journey towards net zero emissions.”

Key findings of the 2023 survey are included in EROAD’s Road to Sustainability 2023 report, available to download.

The 2023 Road to Sustainability report was based on the findings of the 2023 sustainability sentiment survey conducted by EROAD, between June 13 and August 4, 2023

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