Programmed Australia and EROAD partner in significant five-year deal

Programmed Australia and EROAD partner in significant five-year deal

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Transportation technology services company EROAD Limited (NZX/ASX: ERD) (EROAD) has today announced a new five-year partnership with Programmed, a significant enterprise customer in Australia.

Programmed are a leading provider of Staffing, Facility Management, Maintenance and Care services, and have signed a five-year contract for the MyEROAD telematics cloud platform to be deployed across a fleet of more than 2000 vehicles and 1000 assets.

CEO of EROAD, Mark Heine, said, “This is another big step forward for EROADs growth strategy in the Australian market.  At EROAD we believe technology should be simple and make your job easier, so it’s inspiring to see market leaders like Programmed turn to technology to improve their operations and make a positive impact on both employees and the communities they serve.

“There’s a huge amount of value to be had in improving the safety and sustainability of operations. Every day with EROAD clients we see even small incremental changes pay big dividends in the downstream impacts for both utilisation as well as improved employee and customer experience. It’s an exciting time for EROAD to be working with Programmed.”

Programmed will leverage EROAD’s smart solutions to enhance safety and communication for its drivers while improving the efficiency, and sustainability of its operations.

Shah Abdul-Rahman, Group General Manager of Risk and Compliance ANZ “At Programmed, health and safety forms one of our core values. Programmed’s value of Personal Safety Leadership is aimed at creating and supporting a culture that empowers our teams of employees and contractors to look out for each other and take the necessary action to ensure that they and their team mates return home safely after a productive day at work. That’s why we are pleased to be partnering with EROAD to help us continue achieving our goals. We selected EROAD after a successful trial that clearly highlighted how its embedded safety technology enables us to drive continuous improvement in safe driving behaviour.”

Programmed plans to use insights gathered from the 2,200 EROAD telematic devices and dashcams across its fleet to coach its drivers and improve driver safety. In addition, a further 1000+ asset trackers will be installed across Programmed’s large asset base, enabling more efficient and productive asset management in real time.

The value EROAD provides is in large part due to its ability to digitise and combine Programmed’s fleet and assets into one unified platform.  Once installed, Programmed will benefit from a complete view of its operations, enabling seamless tracking, utilisation reporting and service and maintenance. The company is also benefiting from the fuel tax and fringe benefit tax products provided by EROAD, allowing them simplified compliance and maximising their value.

Chris Thompson, Group Fleet Manager, “After the trial of the EROAD telematics solution in our fleet, it became clear that the embedded EHUBO device and real time data service would be a great support to Programmed in our commitment to Zero Harm. Programmed can also see EHUBO playing a role in achieving our goal of NetZero by 2030.  This partnership with EROAD and the integration of the drive buddy software will enable continuous improvement in developing safe driving behaviour for drivers.  Real time visibility of our motor vehicle and plant equipment fleet will allow Programmed to develop efficiencies and drive productivity in our fleet management practice.”

Programmed’s operations have significant reach and support the largest branch network in the industry with over 100 locations across Australasia. Programmed New Zealand have already been successfully using the EROAD platform for the last decade.

MyEROAD allows customers to view and monitor their vehicles in real time from any web-enabled device. It is home to a range of powerful tools and insightful reports, all designed to make compliance, safety and fleet management easier. MyEROAD is cloud-based so there is no software to install, and no limit to the number of users from a company, providing fleet visibility to multiple staff, suppliers and customers. Tax, compliance and vehicle maintenance data is also stored on MyEROAD for seven years, making it easy meet statutory requirements around record keeping.

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