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Regardless of industry, if your business uses heavy vehicles (over 4.5 tonnes) as part of its operations, then keeping your people and our roads safe should not only be a top priority, it is required by law.

On 1 October 2018, a significant amendment was made to the National Heavy Vehicle Law (NHVL) that confirms that everyone involved in the transport supply chain – from your management team to your consigners, dispatchers, contractors and drivers – responsible for the safety of your business’ transport activities. 

This is known as the Chain of Responsibility (COR) and it elevates the need for safety compliance and accountability to a new level. 

Every time your business transports goods using a heavy vehicle, you become part of the chain and have a shared responsibility to do everything possible to identify, assess, reduce or remove safety risks. 

Anyone – not just your drivers – involved in the logistics and operation of a heavy vehicle may be legally liable for breaches to the law.

Software is a key pillar in automating the process of managing your chain of responsibility obligations.

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A new approach to fleet safety

Fostering a good safety culture and ensuring everyone in your organisation understands their responsibilities, is accountable and does the right thing under the Chain of Responsibility legislation is essential.

Your business also needs to put safety management systems and controls in place to:

  • Identify, assess, evaluate and control risk
  • Manage compliance of speed, fatigue, mass, dimension, loading and vehicle standards requirements
  • Involve regular reporting, including to executives
  • Document or record actions taken to manage safety

EROAD has the solution!

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One smart platform for your fleet safety and compliance

Data provides a deep understanding of your business to not only give you peace of mind that it is performing as it should, but also that it is operating as safely as possible.

Our comprehensive suite of telematics solutions helps you to proactively navigate the complex world of compliance with the right tools, big data and insights to create a ‘safety-first’ culture at the same time as driving efficiencies within your business.

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Telematics data insights make safety compliance simple

EROAD’s world-class technology helps you better monitor vehicle and driver safety, behaviour and performance.

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EROAD’s solution ensures safer drivers, vehicles and roads

Driver accountability has a very real impact on driver safety and compliance. A recent EROAD study found that vehicles where the driver was logged in had 50% less speed events than vehicles with no identified driver.

Want to know how EROAD can help you seamlessly manage your Chain of Responsibility obligations?

Let EROAD’s telematics solutions keep the links in your Chain of Responsibility solid

With EROAD, you have the driver-friendly tools and reports you need at your fingertips to proactively manage, and meet, your safety and compliance obligations.


Our award-winning technology helps you to…

Reduce Speeding violations
Improve vehicle safety
Prevent fatigued driving
Enhance driver behaviour
Full visibility across the Supply Chain
Advanced driver analytics
Connecting drivers with vehicles
Provide advanced in cab
Ensure responsibile loading

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Safety in numbers

Our customers rely on the accurate and reliable information our platform delivers to their fingertips. They use this data to make decisions that make their business run faster, safer and more successfully.

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