Chain of Responsibility

Chain of Responsibility

EROAD helps you simplify your Chain of Responsibility obligations and makes compliance easy.

EROAD lets you navigate your Chain of Responsibility requirements quickly, easily and automatically.

No matter what industry you’re in, if you’re using heavy vehicles over 4.5 tonnes in your operations, then keeping your drivers and other road-users safe is no longer just your top priority, it’s the right thing to do and required by law.

On October 1, 2018, an important amendment to the National Heavy Vehicle Law (NHVL) came into effect. The amendment means everyone involved in your transport supply chain is responsible for the safety of your transport activities. The new law holds everyone accountable: your management team, consigners, dispatchers, contractors, and drivers.

The new law, called the Chain of Responsibility, elevates your responsibility to ensure safety compliance and accountability to a whole new level.

Now, every time your business transports goods using a heavy vehicle, you are an integral part of the chain. You have a shared responsibility to identify, assess, reduce, or eliminate safety risks, as far as is reasonably practicable. That means anyone – not just your drivers – involved in the logistics and operation of a heavy vehicle operation may be legally liable for breaches in the law.

These legal responsibilities are a serious matter for any business operating heavy vehicles. EROAD’s software can be a key pillar in automating, assuring and managing your Chain of Responsibility obligations, they can help simplify processes and make it so much easier.


EROAD can help you build the safety culture your business needs to honour its obligations.

Building and fostering a strong safety culture is now more important than ever in running a successful operation. You need to instill and reinforce a culture where everyone understands their responsibilities, takes their personal accountability seriously, and does the right thing under the Chain of Responsibility legislation.

Your transport operation management are legally required to put safety management systems and controls in place to:

  • Identify, assess, evaluate, and control risk
  • Manage compliance of speed and vehicle standards requirements
  • Facilitate regular reporting, including to executives
  • Document or record actions you’ve taken to manage safety

Chain of Responsibility comes with significant legal responsibilities. Luckily, EROAD has a solution that can help.

EROAD Solution

EROAD offers one smart platform supporting your fleet safety and compliance needs.

Data is one of the critical keys to unlocking safety in your business. Delivering quality and dependable data, EROAD helps ensure your business is operating at an optimum level and operating as safely as possible.

EROAD’s comprehensive suite of telematic solutions helps you to proactively navigate and simplify the complex world of Chain of Responsibility compliance, offering the right tools to turn data into meaningful insights that will help you create a culture of ‘safety first’.

EROAD’s telematics keeps the links in your Chain of Responsibility strong.
With EROAD, you get the driver-friendly tools and reports you need to help manage your safety and compliance obligations.

Telematic data insights make safety compliance easy.
EROAD’s world-class technology helps you monitor vehicle and driver safety, behaviour and performance.

EROAD helps create safer drivers, in safer vehicles for safer roads.
Driver accountability has a huge impact on safety and compliance. A recent EROAD study found that vehicles where the driver’s identity was logged in had 50% fewer speed events than vehicles with no identified driver at the wheel.

Here’s how EROAD’s award-winning technology will help you drive safety into your organisation.

Identify who’s driving which vehicle, when.

With an easy-to-use driver login on the Ehubo2 in-cab device, the driver is clearly identified and linked to the vehicle they are driving. This enables personalised driver reporting via Depot.

Prevent fatigued driving.

EROAD’s Ehubo2 helps manage driver fatigue by allowing fleet managers to monitor the distance and time a vehicle has been running on our desktop fleet management portal, Depot. This smart, intuitive platform helps manage fatigue risk through better trip planning, mitigating risks before drivers head out.

Incentivise safer driving.

EROAD’s Leaderboard lets you compare your drivers with others in your business, as well as other drivers in the EROAD network. This helps to drive a culture of accountability and safety and makes it easier to reward drivers for improved or good performance.

Reduce speeding violations.

Safety starts with personal responsibility, and EROAD’s complete telematics platform helps improve driver accountability. Our Ehubo2 in-cab driver device helps identify undesirable or illegal driving behaviours such as speeding, and identifies who was driving at the time.

Improve driver behaviour.

EROAD’s telematics bridges and important gap between post-incident management investigation and proactively influencing driver behaviour to prevent an incident occurring. Ehubo2 captures information on driver behaviour and provides immediate coaching at the moment it matters most – when the driver is behind the wheel. The data collected is always available on Depot, EROAD’s desktop fleet management portal.

Ensure responsible mass to load constraints.

Because EROAD Depot creates a single view of current and scheduled jobs, with vehicle details and with integration with job management platforms like ICOS live and MyTrucking, schedulers can make sure loads are appropriate and safe for the vehicle and trailer type.

Improve vehicle safety.

EROAD Inspect lets you identify vehicle defects and track their repairs easily by capturing them during vehicle inspections and displaying them on the Defect Board, ready for mechanics to resolve.

Get full visibility into your supply chain.

Visibility of your partner and subcontractor fleets is essential in order to manage your obligations under the Chain of Responsibility. EROAD Share affords you the same visibility into a partner or subcontractor fleets as you have into your own fleet. This allows you to deliver high-quality services to your customers, while helping you ensure the safety of all drivers working for you.

Provide in-cab driver coaching.

EROAD’s Ehubo2 and Depot software allow you to monitor live vehicle and driver behaviour, such as seatbelt use and speeding, while Ehubo2 delivers instant feedback to a driver at the moment it matters most – when they’re driving.