Delivering more choice for asset tracking

Delivering more choice for asset tracking

We’re excited to announce the launch of two new asset tracking devices – the EROAD ETrack G70 and the EROAD ETrack Oyster3. The latest additions to the EROAD hardware range offer customers even more choice for tracking machinery, equipment and assets. EROAD’s expanded asset tracker category now delivers four rugged asset tracking solutions including options for powered and non-powered assets. 

EROAD ETrack G70 

The EROAD ETrack G70 is a robust, and feature-rich GPS tracker for your vehicles, trailers or heavy equipment. It’s an advanced asset tracking solution that’s hard wired to your asset for real-time location tracking. 

This asset tracking hardware comes with in-built odometer and run hour monitoring capability and it can even detect high G-force events such as collisions.  


EROAD ETrack Oyster3 

The EROAD ETrack Oyster3 is a rugged asset location tracking device designed for monitoring non-powered assets where long battery life is required, without sacrificing the frequency of updates and performance. 

Using GPS technology, this asset tracker will send updates when your asset is in motion. It enters sleep mode when your asset is stationary to conserve battery life. 


Built for today’s fleets 

Every fleet is different, and you need options that reflect those differences. Daily asset location updates might be enough for some business assets, but for others you might need something more regular. You might also need movement or speeding alerts, but don’t need a full telematics system. Now the choice is yours with our extended asset tracking hardware range. 

  • More choice | You choose the device or mix of devices to best meet your needs and budget.  
  • One platform |View all your tracked fleet and assets on MyEROAD.  
  • More insights | Get reports on activity and asset utilisation or schedule maintenance and servicing. 

More than location data 

Whether you’re tracking excavators, pumps or courier cages, EROAD’s asset trackers could help you improve both visibility and utilisation of your moveable assets.  

Find out more about our range of asset trackers here, or request a free demo. 


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