ATA says urgent reform is needed to deliver new era of electric trucks in Australia

ATA says urgent reform is needed to deliver new era of electric trucks in Australia

A new report, published by the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) says that urgent reform is needed if Australia’s trucking industry is to meet future emissions targets.

Working together with truck manufacturers, fleet operators and charging infrastructure and electricity providers, the ATA and the Electric Vehicle Council (EVC) have made a number of policy recommendations to drive the electrification of Australia’s trucking industry in a new report released this week.

The ATA drew on data collected from EROAD’s The Road to Sustainability report, together with a number of other sources to demonstrate the need for urgent reform across the sector.

Australia currently lags most of the world in the electrification of trucks, and the report outlines the challenges the sector faces if it’s to meet the net zero targets set by Government.

The ATA and the EVC made several key recommendations, including exempting electric trucks from urban curfews, changing Australian weight and width limits to accommodate batteries, and exempting electric trucks form stamp duty.

You can read the full report and recommendations here.


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