Claiming FTC for forestry

Claiming FTC for forestry

If your business is involved in commercial forestry operations, you can claim the maximum credit for the fuel you use for any of the following activities:

  • planting or tending trees in a forest or plantation that is intended for felling
  • felling or thinning trees in a forest or plantation
  • transporting, milling or processing trees in the forest or plantation in which they were felled – if the transport is not on a public road
  • transporting timber to a sawmill or chip mill that is outside the forest or plantation but inside Australia – if the transport is not on a public road
  • milling timber at a sawmill or chip mill outside the forest or plantation
  • constructing and maintaining roads in a forest or plantation, if the roads are integral to eligible forestry activities – this does not include quarrying activities or transporting any materials you use for road building.

Let EROAD get you on the road to maximising your FTC claim

Get the FTC rebate you deserve!

Calculating your FTC manually can be a long and arduous task that often relies on estimates or averages. But with EROAD’s Fuel Tax Credit Solution, you can seamlessly calculate the maximum FTC rebate you’re entitled to at the touch of a button using real-time GPS data.

EROAD’s Fuel Tax Credit Solution can help your business maximise your FTC claims by:

  • Accurately capturing real-time off-road travel, off-road idle and auxiliary equipment usage
  • Providing better visibility and tracking of your fleet’s fuel usage
  • Providing sophisticated GPS tracking to capture vital journey and activity data which is then fed directly into simple reports to accurately calculate your FTC entitlement
  • Providing the ability to use geofencing to clearly define off-road areas
  • Eliminating the admin time, paperwork and guesswork by calculating your FTC claims automatically for you
  • Ensuring your business is more efficient by providing a range of other monitoring and reports to enhance productivity

Guide: How to Maximise your fleet's Fuel Tax Credits (FTC)
How to Maximise your fleet's Fuel Tax Credits (FTC)
Many businesses are missing out on getting their full FTC entitlement. Find out how EROAD can help unlock the maximum FTC refund for your business.

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