Once you get going, make sure you can keep going

Once you get going, make sure you can keep going

Once you get going, make sure you can keep going


Less on-road issues, improved fuel efficiencies and easier cost management can provide peace of mind in these uncertain times. Which is why we’ve made it easy for you to keep your vehicles performing in optimum health.

MyEROAD Fleet Maintenance makes preventative maintenance of your fleet easy, through automating service schedules based on time lapsed, distance travelled or engine hours.

With a few simple clicks, you can record work required, service details or invoicing and even share these with your service supplier. You can keep a full-service history for each vehicle, that is easily accessed for proof of compliance, insurance needs or for whenever else you might need it.

MyEROAD Fleet Maintenance  is an easy to use, automated service that delivers:

  • Service schedules that suit you, based on time lapsed, distance travelled or engine hours
  • A full-service history for each vehicle, accessible at the touch of a button
  • Easy record keeping of service details, costs and invoice numbers
  • Simple identification and capture of small defects before they become big issues
  • Easier forecasting of maintenance budgets
  • Better management of operating costs
  • Less unexpected down-time

You can spend more time on other areas of your business, knowing that your operating costs are managed more effectively, and your vehicles operating more efficiently.

A well-maintained fleet is a direct reflection of a well-run, safe, compliant and productive business.

Not only is it the right thing to do, maintaining your fleet so it is always safe it is also a legal obligation under the Chain of Responsibility legislation, which elevates your responsibility to ensure safety, compliance and accountability.

Making it real easy

EROAD’s service module is easy to use.

To find out how it works, check out our video.


“It’s made us more proactive in keeping the trucks safe. Because maintenance is simpler to manage, we’re able to keep on top of things a lot more easily.”

Kingsley Gordon, Conroy Removals

Don’t lose your wheel

Failure to re-tighten wheel nuts after a short period of in-service running is a big risk to your drivers, the public and your business.

MyEROAD Fleet Maintenance lets your drivers know exactly when the wheel nuts should be re-checked for correct torque. After a tyre change, our automated system will send retorque alerts (based on distance travelled) straight to the driver in their cab, prompting them to complete the task as soon as possible.  Your fleet managers and dispatchers are also notified on MyEROAD*** software to ensure sure nothing is missed.

***MyEROAD is a portal that allows you to view and monitor your vehicles in realtime from any web-enabled device.