EROAD Fleet Management Software Releases & New Features – September 2023

EROAD Fleet Management Software Releases & New Features – September 2023

July – September 2023

We’ve been busy collaborating with our customers, listening to feedback, and designing new products and features to help our customers get more out of their day to day and improve their fleet performance.


Further enhancements to the Route Planning tool

Available in MyEROAD Fleet Map on Desktop & Mobile App

Earlier this year, we launched our new route planning and ETA tool which allows customers to enter truck information like load type, weight, height and more, to get compliant routes.

In August, we further enhanced this feature in response to customer feedback. Users can now select any entity that has an address – like a geofence – and be routed to it.



Driver Leaderboard enhancements

Based on feedback from customers, we have added the ‘Scheduled export’ feature to the Driver Details page on Leaderboard. We’ve also updated the Driver Leaderboard report to provide the information in a clearer format.


Speeding up report load times

Available for MyEROAD & Core360 customers


For faster loading of reports in MyEROAD, we have modified the way searches are performed so that a user can set multiple parameters before executing it. This makes it much faster for reports to load, and is now available in Geofence Daily Activity and Geofence Site Activity reports, with more coming soon.


We’ve improved the load time of the Total Distance report from several minutes to ~7 seconds, allowing all customers to get a quick overview of their vehicle usage.

New EROAD BookIt Features

Available for MyEROAD customers with the BookIt add-on subscription

Making the Booker Experience better

We’ve released brand new functionality for bookers using EROAD BookIt, including letting them know if their vehicle is ready and waiting, or if it’s not back, they can now get a live ETA on when it will arrive.


New BookIt Dashboards – Sustainability, User and Fleet

We’ve released three new dashboards for managing a shared fleet.

Sustainability: Customers can understand how their fleet or branch compares to other organisations on EV adoption and utilisation.

User Activity: Gain insights into booking activity for specific users.

Fleet Activity: A tool to help admins move vehicles around between under- and over-utilised branches.


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