NHVR issues new CoR guidance for heavy vehicles

NHVR issues new CoR guidance for heavy vehicles

New regulatory advice issued by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) reinforces that simply installing safety technology and telematics devices isn’t enough. NHVR says feedback from the industry suggests that systems installed are not being used to their full potential, and therefore the safety benefits are not being realised.

Telematics systems, including vehicle tracking as well as dashcams and fatigue monitoring devices are designed to improve fleet safety and efficiency.

EROAD’s 4G-enabled Ehubo 2 device provides real-time feedback to drivers in the cab on things like speed, harsh braking and sharp cornering. We know the Ehubo alone has a big impact on driver behaviour – last year heavy vehicles with an Ehubo 2 fitted had 62% fewer speeding events.

Dashcams are another effective tool for encouraging safer driving behaviour. Customers can connect EROAD’s Clarity Dashcam for event-triggered HD video recording, which in turn can integrate with Seeing Machines fatigue monitoring technology.

As the NHVR points out, in order to bring about effective driver behaviour change, it’s ideal for this technology and real-time feedback to be paired with a driver coaching program and regular monitoring by operators and fleet managers.

Telematics is not a “set and forget” technology. It requires people in your organisation to monitor, review and act on the data and reporting that it provides.

Check out the latest regulatory advice from NHVR on making the most out of your safety technology, and ensuring you meet your CoR obligations.

Read the full NHVR guidance

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