How telematics can help schedule your fleet’s service and preventive maintenance

How telematics can help schedule your fleet’s service and preventive maintenance

Getting the most out of your fleet vehicles requires focus on a myriad of different components – one of which is ensuring good service and maintenance practices.

Not only does an ongoing focus on preventative maintenance help keep costs under control, but it also extends your vehicle’s, or equipment’s, operating life.

Without a proactive approach to fleet maintenance, you risk compromising your driver’s safety, breaching compliance and being up for costly emergency repairs and unplanned time without vehicles.

A regular fleet service and maintenance routine not only helps ensure problems are quickly detected and addressed, it can also save your business money. This is because regular servicing of your vehicles can cost less over time as opposed delaying servicing until a problem arises.

Telematics can help keep your fleet in top condition

Telematics can play a key role in maintaining a healthy, productive fleet by automating your service scheduling and defect identification processes to reduce the risk of safety issues or unexpected repair costs.

EROAD’s advanced telematics technology provides an automated, accurate process to help maintain your fleet. It also takes the wealth of data your fleet generates every day and turns it into easy-to-understand reports and dashboards that provide actionable insights for your business to run a safer, more efficient and productive fleet.


What is Telematics?

Telematics merges telecommunications and information technology together to gather a wide range of data about your fleet. That information provides powerful insights that allows your business to make better informed, data-based decisions about your fleet.

EROAD’s telematics technology helps you reduce costs, create further efficiencies for your vehicles and equipment as well as manage your safety, efficiency, productivity and compliance responsibilities.

How EROAD can create a healthier, higher performing fleet

Being able to see the bigger picture with telematics means you can understand more about your fleet, when to make improvements, particularly when it comes to scheduling repairs and maintenance.

In addition to the operational savings this can create, using telematics to stay on top of your preventive maintenance schedules can also increase fuel efficiency, increase uptime and productivity, maintain vehicle safety and remain compliant with vehicle inspections.

It also helps you stay on top of regulatory requirements and provide solid proof that your fleet is safely maintained and compliant in line with key safety legislation, such as Chain of Responsibility.

Maintaining your fleet, the easy way with EROAD

Running a healthy, productive, compliant fleet means regularly servicing and maintaining your vehicles and equipment. EROAD helps you seamlessly manage this with two key tools, which are part of its wider telematics platform:


EROAD Service and Maintenance

EROAD’s Service and Maintenance helps you to schedule periodic and systematic vehicle schedules to keep on top of the health of your fleet. It simplifies your preventative maintenance with automated service scheduling based on time lapsed, distance travelled or engine hours and provides you with a full service history archive.


EROAD Inspect

EROAD’s Inspect provides you, or your drivers, with the ability to capture defects on the spot and action their repair to ensure they don’t become expensive issues down the road.

It allows your drivers to carry out pre and post-trip vehicle inspections – using either EROAD’s App on a mobile device or the in-vehicle Ehubo2 device – to record any defects that need to be fixed or maintenance to be completed.

Benefits of a proactively maintained fleet

A well maintained fleet can create positive spin-offs across a range of areas for your business including reduced idle times, improved fuel efficiency, less carbon emissions as well as less on-road issues. You can also save on vehicle down-time and better manage costs, particularly those caused by unexpected breakdowns and repairs, while operating your entire fleet more efficiently.

EROAD’s Service and Maintenance helps you efficiently manage the preventative maintenance of your fleet and identify small problems before they become costly ones. You can better manage your operating costs, and also have peace of mind you have done everything possible to ensure your vehicles are performing at their best and are safe on the road.

In effect, EROAD’s telematics platform simplifies your vehicle servicing by using real time, usage-based data to create preventative maintenance scheduling. It tracks metrics like time lapsed, mileage, fuel usage and engine hours, making it easier to identify when a vehicle is due for servicing and repairs.

Monitoring your vehicle mileage to remotely identify service intervals and scheduling is one of the most effective ways to manage your fleet’s health. This is because EROAD’s usage-based approach combines the best of traditional maintenance plans with the power of utilisation data to:

  • Automatically highlight when service and maintenance is due
  • Minimise planning time
  • Capture and rectify small defects before they become big issues
  • Forecast maintenance budgets
  • Reduce the risk of over or under-maintaining your assets
  • Reduce off-road downtime
  • Better manage operating cost

Automating your maintenance scheduling ensures your vehicles stay in good working order for longer periods of time, which can also boost your vehicle, or equipment’s, ROI.

For example, regularly highlighting simple tasks such as checking tyre pressures or regular oil changes can improve fuel efficiency. Given fuel is one of the largest operational costs for a fleet, this could add up to a better bottom line over time.

What’s more, EROAD’s telematics software can help reduce human error or oversights when it comes to regular scheduling of maintenance given you have access to a complete service history archive at the touch of a button, which also helps support your compliance and insurance requirements.

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