Total Fleet Management

Total Fleet Management

Gain immediate improvements in every aspect of your fleet management with EROAD.

From vehicle and driver safety, to fleet productivity, EROAD will help you drive improvements into every aspect of your fleet management.

Why is EROAD the right telematics partner for your business?

Check out some numbers.

200000 +
contracted units, globally
8000 +
connected customers
27000 +
connected drivers
93 %
customer retention rate
66 %
fewer speeding events in vehicles using EROAD
$ 30 M+
spent on R&D in FY22
+/- 1 %
Ehubo audited accuracy

1. One solution for all vehicles, assets and fleets

Whether you’re running heavy or light vehicles, powered or non-powered assets, EROAD’s solution can help you drive improvement into every aspect of your fleet management.

If you’re in road transport, services, civil contracting, construction, plumbing, building, landscaping, or anything else, EROAD’s got you and your vehicles covered. Health and safety requirements, tax regulations, or improving the safety and driving behaviour of your staff, EROAD will help you and your business perform better.


2. Achieve accurate fleet visibility

Get full visibility of your entire fleet, both vehicles and assets, with EROAD’s advanced, secure fleet tracking solution.

Because your vehicle information is displayed on digital maps, you can see at a glance where your vehicles and staff are in the field at any time. Allocate resources, optimise routes, plan accurate schedules, and maximise productivity, all the while keeping your staff safe, and verifying time-on site for customers.

  • Whole of fleet view
  • Site monitoring
  • Robust asset tracking devices
  • Utilisation reporting
  • Proof of Service
  • Trip investigator

3. Simplify health and safety compliance

By law, you’re required to manage the risks associated with fleet management and support a safety-focused culture in your organisation. EROAD can help run a safer business.

Our solution provides driver-friendly tools, and the reports you need to meet your obligations under the Chain of Responsibility regulations, from safer driving, to safer vehicles.

EROAD’s revolutionary Ehubo2 provides a full solution from a single in-cab device, including advanced driver coaching tools, driver analysis and reporting tools, vehicle inspection, service and maintenance applications, and asset tracking and utilisation reports.

With EROAD, you can significantly simplify your compliance, and make your drivers and vehicles safer.


4. Promote better, safer driving

Boost your bottom line and your competitive edge by encouraging and rewarding better and safer driving.

A high standard of driving across your fleet protects your drivers, reduces incidents and accidents, and enhances your brand and reputation.

EROAD’S advanced driver behaviour coaching

The combination of EROAD’s Ehubo2 and Depot delivers a single, consistent platform. It allows you to monitor live vehicle and driver behaviour and deliver coaching and scoring at the most important time – while the driver’s in the cab.

Advanced driver analytics with Leaderboard

To help you drive a culture of accountability and safety, you can benchmark your drivers against their organisation’s peers and compare them to the EROAD community of Australasian drivers.

5. Work smarter with your partners and contractors

Did you know, by sharing information with your partners and sub-contractors, you can support health and safety compliance, simplify dispatch and job management, and improve your customer service?

EROAD Share is a unique feature of the EROAD platform that lets you gain the same visibility into a partner or sub-contractor’s fleets as you have into your own. Sharing information securely and efficiently across your business and supply chain helps you deliver high-quality service to your customers, while ensuring the safety of all drivers working for you.

Combined with EROAD Partner Gateway (APIs allowing integration with job management platforms and a single view on EROAD Depot) you have a complete solution for working across your own and your partner teams.

How to Improve the Customer Experience

  • EROAD Share
  • Site entry and exit alerts
  • Proof of Service
  • Customer KPI reports
  • Job Management API’s
  • Messaging

6. Powerful insights to drive profitability

It’s time to take the guesswork out of your business decisions.

Today’s leading businesses make data-based decisions using EROAD’s Analytics suite to deliver a more productive and safer fleet, a profitable pricing model, and excellence in customer service.

Because EROAD is in a unique position to generate high quality, advanced data analyses based on our access to over 200,000 EROAD equipped vehicles globally, only EROAD can offer the key differences this kind of benchmarking creates.

Fuel Efficiency – The Fuel Efficiency dashboard delivers a view of vehicle performance, making it easy to identify which vehicles have room for improvement.

Utilisation Dashboard – Helps you maximise usage of your fleet and auxiliary devices based on your company’s utilisation targets.

Fleet Activity – Delivers a complete record of daily vehicle activity that helps you monitor fleet activity and meet agreed customer service levels.

Over Speed Dashboard – Provides a record of vehicle speeding events that exceed posted speed limits.

Idle Report – Helps you improve fuel economy and reduce engine wear by displaying a straightforward view of average and total idle time by vehicle.

7. Maintain a healthy fleet with EROAD Inspect and Service

EROAD Inspect gives you the ability to track vehicle defects easily by capturing and displaying them on the EROAD Defect Board, ready for you to take action.

EROAD Inspect can be used as a stand-alone application, so there’s no need to commit to a full telematics solution. You can start improving driver and vehicle safety right now with EROAD’s easy to use, low cost and highly effective solution.

Drivers can carry out a vehicle inspection using either our App on a mobile device, or the in-vehicle Ehubo2 device and record the inspection and actions required.

Service Module

Maintenance and repairs are a significant and ongoing cost. Scheduling periodic and systematic vehicle inspections helps you keep on top of the health of your fleet and avoid unexpected repair bills.

Schedule services based on time, distance travelled, or engine hours, and record ‘to-do’ tasks for future services. You can manage and control vehicle maintenance and repairs and ensure compliance with company, regulatory, and insurance requirements.


8. Electronic FBT Logbooks save time and money

EROAD’s Electronic FBT Logbook provides an easy to use solution that minimises FBT payments, as well as time spent by your staff collecting and maintaining the required records.

With EROAD, you get:

  • Support for calculation of FBT using the operating cost method to minimise payment of FBT by your business.
  • Easy logbook capture of the purpose of each trip for your drivers, as EROAD automatically records all required trip details.
  • Headline metrics to help fleet and operations managers select a representative for a 12-week period to accurately show the business usage of the vehicles in your fleet and monitor business vs private usage.
  • Reports that highlight when a driver hasn’t completed the logbook.
  • Largely automated record keeping stored for an agreed period.
  • Competitive advantage when pitching to new clients that they will have access to the latest and easiest to use electronic logbook technology available.

9. One in-cab device for drivers

The Ehubo2 is the latest in-vehicle technology, offering multiple easy-to-use applications on a single device. It delivers better safety outcomes for your business and improves productivity and profitability.

  • Drive Buddy provides in-cab driver feedback with audio and visual alerts.
  • Interfaces with MyEROAD, EROAD’s web application, to provide two-way messaging, fuel management, and driver behaviour reporting.
  • Unique PIN identification for individual drivers.
  • Reduce on-road risk with best-in-class driver behaviour analytics, identifying who’s behind the wheel.

10. Easily track and monitor off-road assets

Asset Tracking

Whether you’re running heavy or light vehicles, powered or non-powered assets, EROAD has it all covered with a range of asset tracking solutions.

Our range of wired or battery-powered asset tracking devices helps ensure you have visibility over your assets and the information you need to make sure they are being fully utilised and delivering on your contract commitments.

Ehubo2 is EROAD’s in-cab telematics solution. This device provides world class tracking and management of your road going assets and vehicles. If improving driver behaviour, managing service and maintenance, health and safety compliance, and managing on and off-road work movements are key requirements, this is the solution you need.

EROAD ETrack Wired and EROAD ETrack G70 provide GPS asset tracking for your powered assets such as yellow equipment or agricultural machinery and are also capable of providing odometer readings and run hour monitoring.

EROAD ETrack Where and EROAD ETrack Oyster 3 are battery powered asset trackers for non-powered assets like skip bins, cages and trailers. ETrack Where is a Bluetooth tracker, reliant on EROAD’s mesh network of Ehubo devices to provide location updates. ETrack Oyster 3 is a GPS asset track that provides updates when your asset is in motion.

All our asset tracking devices are:

  • durable and sealed to withstand weather
  • highly sensitive GPS trackers (except EROAD ETrack Where which uses Bluetooth)
  • visible in MyEROAD, our web portal

11. The new gold standard in EROAD Proof of Service reporting

EROAD’s Proof of Service report provides a map visualisation of asset or fleet activity for any reporting period, as well as a complete reference to all sensor events.

The report delivers an accurate, verifiable record of service of auxiliary equipment activity based on EROAD’s highly accurate tracking devices, Ehubo2 and ETrack Wired.

The proof of service report can deliver a comprehensive description of civil contracting activity including pavement gritting, sweeping, snow clearance, mowing, road sweeping, and road marking, or construction activity such as digging, rolling or grading.

You can also give your customers a log-in to view your completed activity in their own browser view.