Improve fleet safety

Health & safety management

Improve driver safety, behaviour and performance with a comprehensive suite of technology and tools 

EROAD are experts in helping you manage the risks associated with fleet management and supporting a safety focused culture in your organisation.

We provide you with driver-friendly tools and the reports you need to meet your obligations – from safer driving, to safer vehicles.

Creating a healthy and safe work environment is not only a compulsory component of workplace law – it is also the right thing to do as an employer – to make sure drivers, vehicles and our roads are as safe as possible. 

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With the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and Chain of Responsibility legislation both in place – it is essential that the right organisational culture, and the right systems and processes are in place, to ensure that everybody in the supply chain is aware of, and is performing, their obligations. 

Driver behaviour vehicle maintenance and managing fatigue risk are some of the key areas where EROAD can actively help you to manage your compliance and create safer drivers, safer vehicles and safer roads.

5 ways telematics can help improve driver safety

You don’t want a paperwork mountain – you want results. This is what a best-in-class telematics solutions will deliver. The best tools can deliver measurable and significant improvements to your safe driving programme, supporting positive behavioural change by embedding driving behaviour measures into appraisals and reward schemes.

What to look for:

1. An easy-to-use driver login

The driver’s name should be clearly identified on an on-screen login on the in-vehicle device, with personalised reporting available via a driver portal.

Removing the need to issue and keep track of key fobs and cards and ensuring all drivers, including temp drivers, are tracked, is key to success.

2. Positive gamification

One of our customers said of his drivers: “It turns out they’re a competitive bunch.”

We studied the impact of using EROAD’s benchmarked driver behaviour report, Leaderboard, in 2016 and found that customers who regularly use it have an average vehicle rating of Four Stars, compared with customers who did not; low engagement resulted in an average vehicle rating of Three Stars.

3. Advanced in-vehicle coaching

Tools such as EROAD’s Drive Buddy support drivers with speed data and notifications for harsh braking, cornering and sharp acceleration on a full colour touchscreen so they can make safer decisions while they’re on the road.

4. Personalised driver feedback for better coaching

Textual and driver-specific analytics can save your driver trainers days of combing through a multitude of reports for each driving assessment.

Look for a visually appealing one-pager like EROAD Driver Insight, which the trainer or fleet manager can generate immediately for ongoing and quick feedback.

5. Visibility of sub-contractor driver behaviour

You can’t manage what you can’t see.  Every party in the supply chain has a primary duty to ensure the safety of their transport activities – which means anyone who carries out work in any capacity including contractors, subcontractors or any employee of any of them.

Analytics should provide visibility of sub-contractor driving behaviour, so you can ensure they meet the same high standards you expect from your own fleet.

Changing driver behaviour 

ehubo post speed 600x300The key to creating a safer driving culture is to not only monitor driver behaviour – but use the data and insights you gain to implement real coaching of your drivers to improve their awareness and skills. 

The EROAD telematics solution bridges the gap between after-the-event management reporting and in-cab behind-the-wheel influence on driver behaviour. 

The revolutionary in-vehicle Ehubo2 device captures essential information on driver behaviour – and then provides both real-time coaching feedback to the driver to remedy any issues immediately – and also transmits and records the data for viewing on our desktop fleet management and reporting portal – Depot.

The Ehubo2 gives you the best available solution for your business today – and a future-proof platform to continue delivering innovative driver and vehicle safety and performance on an on-going basis. 


Multiple driver-centric applications on a single platform will revolutionise safety compliance for your business.

  • Advanced in-cab driver behaviour coaching
    The combination of the Ehubo2 and EROAD Depot software delivers a single, consistent platform for your drivers. You can monitor live vehicle and driver behaviour and deliver coaching and scoring to a driver directly in-cab. You can also benchmark your drivers against their industry peers and compare them to the EROAD population of 60,000+ vehicles.
  • Leaderboard
    Leaderboard shows how your drivers compare within your organisation and to EROAD’s industry benchmarks and tracks how they perform over time, with scores based on key driver metrics.
  • Driver Insight
    A summary of smart, driver-specific feedback, this report highlights specific areas for improvement and key messages, making it easy to empower your drivers to adopt safe driving habits. 
  • Virtual Speed Camera
    EROAD’s powerful Virtual Speed Camera tool helps you to pinpoint areas of risk and set safe operating speeds for your fleet. You can create geofences around your key high-risk areas such as customer sites, loading zones and schools and set specific limits. 
  • Over Speed Dashboard
    Over Speed Dashboard provides a record of vehicle speeding events that exceed posted speed limits. It presents an overview of the speeding behaviour across your fleet, including trends, and enables you to focus on individual speeding events.
  • Max Speed Alert
    Take swift action to address excessive speed, protecting your business, your drivers and the public. Max Speed Alert provides in-cab speeding notifications to help you meet health and safety compliance, and avoid the costly impact of an on-road incident and support driver training and incentive programmes.
  • Trip Investigator
    Improve fatigue management with Trip Investigator. It shows you exactly where your vehicles have travelled the previous day or week, and allows you to identify excessively long trips and after-hours travel.

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Driver accountability has a very real impact on driver safety – a recent EROAD study found that vehicles where the driver was logged in had 50% less speed events than vehicles with no identified driver.

Improvements and coaching

Advanced in-cab driver behaviour coaching

The combination of the Ehubo2 and EROAD Depot software delivers a single, consistent platform for your drivers. You can monitor live vehicle and driver behaviour and deliver coaching and scoring to a driver directly in-cab. You can also benchmark your drivers against their industry peers and compare them to the EROAD population of 60,000+ vehicles.

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Drive Buddy
Support your drivers with visual, easy-to-understand messages. In-cab feedback and alerts enable drivers to develop and maintain good driving habits.

helthandsafety Fleet Messaging

Stay in touch with your drivers with our secure two- way messaging service. Broadcast a message to the entire fleet or specific vehicles, to improve productivity, safety and job management

ehubo seatbelt 600x300

Seatbelt Monitoring
We make it easier for you to monitor your staff’s safety when they’re driving. A visual and audible alert reminds the driver to buckle up and sends a notification to your fleet manager.

ehubo post speed 600x300

Posted Speed
Provides drivers with the road network speed data on highways and main metro routes so they can make better driving decisions.

Advanced driver analytics with Leaderboard 

depot leaderbaord 600x300The EROAD Leaderboard lets you compare your drivers with other fleets and vehicles in the EROAD network – and drive a culture of accountability and safety. You can also reward drivers for performance or changes in behaviour.

Being able to see, and show your drivers, how they compare with others is a simple way of demonstrating what they can do to improve their safety performance on the road.

You can interrogate the data behind the EROAD Leaderboard and the EROAD Driver Insights report to help coach drivers towards better driving and safer behaviour.

The Ehubo2 has been independently verified to accurately record location and distance at a tax audit level of +/- 1%.

Reduce speeding

Driver accountability reduces speeding by at least 50%

It’s not a secret that reducing speeding reduces on-road risk and most organisational safe driving programmes include a focus on driving to the posted speed limit.

However you can’t improve what you can’t see.

Telematics has traditionally enabled companies to track speed against open road speed limits. Some providers, including EROAD, have taken that further, tracking against posted speed limits, and making driving event data available online to fleet managers via a portal. It’s important that the reasons behind monitoring speed are communicated well, with a focus on rewarding safe driving and supporting training.

The Ehubo2 enables you to identify not only vehicle activity, but also which driver was in the vehicle at the time via an onscreen driver login. It offers the flexibility of being able to add all of your drivers into a system, including temp drivers, with no requirement to manage cards or key fobs. More exact identification of drivers allows you to support embedding of driving behaviour measures into appraisals and reward programmes.

In a recent EROAD study we found that driver accountability reduces speeding by at least 50%.

Speeding frequency 800

The combination of the driver’s name clearly displayed on the in-vehicle unit, and the attribution of driving events back to the driver, rather than the vehicle, allows the driver to actively respond by improving adherence to the speed limit.

In a 2016 study, EROAD found that management engagement is key to impacting on-road driving behaviour. Organisations that pay consistent attention to EROAD’s driver behaviour analytics have 38% fewer speeding events than organisations that don’t view them at all.

Improve vehicle safety with EROAD Inspect, service and maintenance applications 

EROAD Inspect 

AU Inspect all in one 800x438One of the key elements in keeping your vehicles safe and on the road – is undertaking a daily safety check – a visual inspection before the vehicle leaves the yard, depot or carpark and quickly reporting back defects for effective management.

EROAD Inspect gives you the ability to track vehicle defects easily by capturing them during vehicle inspections and displaying them on the Defect Board — ready for you to take action. 

Drivers can carry out a vehicle inspection using either our App on a mobile device – or the in-vehicle Ehubo2 device and record the inspection and actions required. 

This flexibility makes it easier than ever to comply with inspection requirements – and allows for either drivers, maintenance staff and supervisors to carry out inspections on the device that is easiest for them. 

EROAD Inspect can be used as a stand-alone application – so there is no need to commit to a full telematics solution – you can start improving driver and vehicle safety right now - easy to use, low cost and highly effective. 

Any items that drivers report as failed or need attention, feed straight into the defect management portal to manage and monitor repairs. The Inspect portal is a fully auditable tool to help identify when faults were reported, when they are booked in for repair and when the repair was completed.

EROAD are experts in helping you manage the risks associated with fleet management and supporting a safety focused culture in your organisation. 

Keep track of sub-contractor vehicles and drivers 

Visibility of your partner and sub-contractor fleets is essential in order to manage your obligations under the chain of responsibility 

The EROAD ecosystem connects you and your drivers with your customers, partners and contractors and increases your ability to deliver outstanding service to your customers and increases the value you deliver.


EROAD Share is a unique feature of the EROAD platform that allow you to have the same visibility of a partner or sub-contractor’s fleets as you have of your own. This gives you the ability to continue to deliver high-quality service to your customers, whilst ensuring the safety of all drivers working for you. 

For example, if a vehicle is off the road due to repairs and you need to utilise a sub-contractor’s asset, or you rent a truck from a hire company, at the click of a button they can share data directly from the non-fleet vehicle back to you. This ensures your drivers, dispatchers and management have minimal business disruption, letting you get back to business. 

  • EROAD Share will allow you to share (or receive) visibility of location, Leaderboard driver behaviour reports, Driver Insight reports, and Driver Safety reports
  • Share visibility when working on a joint venture, or a road maintenance contract
  • Require hire vehicles equipped with EROAD to be shared with you
  • Require subcontractors or your suppliers to share visibility with you


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Fatigue management 

Reduce fatigue – and reduce incidents

Managing driver fatigue includes recognising when fatigue events are actually happening and helping to mitigate those events; as well as proactively identifying fatigue triggers before they occur and making sure that drivers and vehicles are safe before they even leave your depot.

Life-saving Driver Fatigue cameras
For fatigue management on higher-risk vehicles, EROAD has an integration partnership with Seeing Machines. This solution provides in-cab driver monitoring and feedback to detect and manage fatigue in-vehicle – to prevent incidents before they happen.

Seeing Machines is a leader in computer vision technologies which enable machines to see, understand and assist people. We harness human factors science to create artificial intelligence (AI) technology that observes the driver and operator attention – reliably, unobtrusively, and in real time – and intervenes seamlessly when necessary.

  • Detection of drowsiness and distraction through an in-cab sensor that measures eye-lid closure and head movement
  • When the system detects prolonged eye closure or head movement (away from the road ahead), an audible alert and seat vibration is activated to bring the driver’s attention back to the task of driving
  • Videos are sent through to the Seeing Machines’ 24/7 monitoring centre and the event is classified in real time
  • Fatigue events are sent into the EROAD Depot via the partner gateway


More than 5,000 companies have chosen EROAD as their preferred solution provider.

More Information on health and safety

Download our EROAD Health and Safety Red Papers to provide greater insight into how our solutions can help you to create a safer workplace for your drivers, safer vehicles and safer roads.


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Managing risk across your vehicle fleet
Effective occupational road risk management is key to protecting your drivers and other road users, lowering fleet costs and providing proof that management has satisfied their legal due diligence.

Download the Red Paper

Download the Red Paper

Are high vehicle maintenance costs a sign you’re legally exposed?
Preventative maintenance not only reduces repair costs across your vehicle fleet; it helps keep running costs down by ensuring your vehicles run more efficiently and plays a vital role in health and safety compliance.

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Template Whitepaper The Power of Accountability

The Power of Accountability
At EROAD we wanted to find out how technology could help make your drivers safer, and reduce on-road risk. We recently undertook a study and found that driver accountability reduces speeding by at least 50%.

Download the Red Paper

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