Easily find out which driver is behind the wheel of your vehicle

Easily find out which driver is behind the wheel of your vehicle

Easily find out which driver is behind the wheel of your vehicle

With just one piece of hardware in the cab

Keeping on top of fleet management is an ongoing process and there are so many variables, to improve this, you need technology that makes your life easy. One of the biggest headaches is having incorrect data around which drivers are behind the wheel of your vehicles and ending up with incomplete journeys logs.

To get this sorted your drivers require an easy and foolproof method to be able to get into a vehicle, login to a device and then get on with their day of driving.

Do away with multiple pieces of hardware that are prone to failure.  All you need is one piece of hardware in the vehicle, the EROAD Ehubo2!

Ehubo2 in-vehicle technology

The Ehubo2 has a driver facing touch screen, that offers multiple easy to use applications on a single device.

Driver Login

Driver Login uses a simple PIN driver identification system to identify the drivers and the vehicles. The Driver Login’s unique PIN system lets drivers identify themselves before they turn on the ignition – it’s a quick, intuitive and a secure way to identify the driver and incentivise good driving. Correct driver identification enhances visibility of driver location and driving times and unlocks valuable insights on driver performance. Easy-to-understand, visual reports and actionable feedback can help you boost driver performance and improve health and safety outcomes for your fleet. EROAD’s Driver Login ensures you know who’s behind the wheel and where they are at all times and eliminates unauthorised use.


“Not everyone is taught how to drive correctly, how to manage their day and so on. It might just be a simple gear change in the wrong rev range and the driver is getting into the red zone instead of sitting in the most economical zone. We use EROAD as a safety tool but data’s power. The more data you have, the better you can run, the more efficient you can become. The more efficient we become, the more we can give to the staff.”

Andrew Forbes,
Director. Challenge Logistics


Messaging is a two-way messaging system that connects head office and the driver. Staying connected with your fleet in the field allows you to assign jobs, reorganise routes and quickly react to current traffic flow incidents and short-term changes. EROAD’s innovative Messaging allows you to exchange messages with drivers in the field in a cost-effective way – on the Ehubo2 screen.


“We’ve been with EROAD since the early days and find with the ease of off-road recovery the system pays for itself – it’s so much easier, manageable and more cost efficient to buy it this way.”

Ian Emmerson,
Managing Director, Emmerson Transport

Drive Buddy

Drive Buddy gives immediate driver behaviour reporting and Posted Speed, displays the actual driving speed compared against the road network speed. It empowers drivers to make better choices on the road by reducing the number of speeding and harsh braking events. Drive Buddy’s real time feedback and alerts, provide drivers with valuable insights that enable them to develop and maintain good driving habits, helping you to protect your drivers and business.


EROAD can attribute an impressive 47% reduction in customer over-speed events directly back to the company’s products and services. Below is a graph of the reduction in speed events from EROAD New Zealand customers. These are commercial vehicle fleets that are experiencing greater than 80% reductions in speeding events after installing EROAD’s Ehubo2.


EROAD Inspect

EROAD Inspect lets you carry out pre and post trip vehicle inspections on a mobile app or on the Ehubo2 device already installed in the vehicle cab. You can record any defects to be fixed, or maintenance to be completed. Defects are captured on the spot – using your own customisable templates – and immediately uploaded to the EROAD Defect Board on Depot.

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