Life Saving Victoria driving a safety focused fleet

Life Saving Victoria driving a safety focused fleet

Life Saving Victoria (LSV) is on a mission is to prevent aquatic related death and injury in all Victorian communities. Their vision is that Victorians will learn water safety, swimming and resuscitation, and be provided with safe aquatic environments and venues. They have more than 350 staff and their lifesaving clubs have more than 38,000 members across Victoria, Australia. In 2018, Darryl Taylor, Supply Chain Manager, implemented EROAD driver-facing telematics to enhance safety, productivity and efficiency of the fleet.

Business Need

Life Saving Victoria (LSV) has a fleet of 50 vehicles used for a range of purposes including Emergency Services response, moving lifesaving and education equipment and deploying their people around to schools, coastal and inland waterways, aquatic facilities and training venues. As an organisation, they needed to address four significant challenges:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Driver performance
  • Fringe benefits tax (FBT) reporting


Life Saving Victoria implemented EROAD technology to address these concerns across its fleet and operational vehicles:

  • EROAD’s vehicle tracking gives Supply Chain and Life-saving operational staff an overview where the operational fleet vehicles are on the map at all times. This includes both motor vehicles and Rescue Water Craft (RWCs).
    • The operational staff know where the RWCs and operational rescue vehicles are at all times to better assist in the provision of water safety.
    • Supply chain knows the drivers’ whereabouts to better plan for jobs and ensures drivers aren’t in dangerous situations.
  • MyEROAD Fleet Maintenance keeps LSV on top of the fleet’s service and maintenance needs reducing downtime and unnecessary repair.
  • With Leaderboard, Life Saving Victoria can see an overview of their drivers’ behaviours and can work to improve their driver performance. “As a safety organisation, it’s important that we know our people are being safe and responsible,” says Darryl.
  • EROAD’s Electronic FBT Logbook provides an easy to use solution that minimises FBT payments, as well as time spent by staff collecting and maintaining the necessary tax records

Customer Benefits

Tracking the RWCs has assisted the operational team to be able to direct the craft where they are required to assist in the vital role of water safety across Victoria’s coastline. Emergency response vehicles, specifically for helicopter and drone assistance can also be tracked to direct them to required locations.

A key benefit is keeping up with maintenance and servicing which has previously been a challenge for Life Saving Victoria. “A fleet of 50 vehicles is a lot of servicing and to have all of that in an automated system is so advantageous for what we do,” says Darryl. By utilising the MyEROAD Fleet Maintenance module, he can now book vehicles in when a notification for service appears and communicate with drivers to get their vehicle in for servicing.

FBT reporting is now a more straightforward process for everyone at Life Saving Victoria. “With EROAD monitoring the driver journey, our drivers don’t have to fill out any paperwork, and Accounts don’t have to chase them for information.”

Routing efficiencies have saved time and fuels costs. With an overview of the fleet on MyEROAD Fleet Map, LSV can more efficiently schedule pick-ups and drop-offs by assigning the closest driver to the area. “It’s a bonus that we have noticed a reduction in fuel consumption.”

EROAD’s driver-facing technology Leaderboard also encourages good driver behaviour by giving their drivers the ability to see how they rank again others and Drive Buddy can also help them to improve. ” As a safety-driven organisation, it’s important to encourage safety across all aspects of the organisation and using EROAD helps by encouraging our drivers to be responsible on the roads.”

Gold Coast Lifeguard

“A fleet of 50 vehicles is a lot of servicing and to have all of that in an automated system is so advantageous for what we do.”

Darryl Taylor
Supply Chain Manager, Life Saving Victoria

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