EROAD_IconLibrary_2019_fleet management

Fleet Management – Health & Safety

Mitigate risks, and support and grow a safety-focused culture.

EROAD_IconLibrary_2019_FBT Fringe Benefit Tax

Fringe Benefits Tax – Electronic Logbook

EROAD’s electronic logbook saves time and money.

EROAD_IconLibrary_2019_Re-torque Alerts

Re-torque Alerts

Introducing a revolution in tyre safety from EROAD: automated re-torque alerts.


Gamifying Driver Behaviour

Unlocking the right kind of competition: the competition for safety.

EROAD_IconLibrary_2019_Driver Login

Driver Login

Getting visibility into who’s behind the wheel promotes safety and performance.


Easy Vehicle Inspections

Front line vehicle checking by the people who know them best – your drivers.


Pool Vehicle Booking

Save on fleet costs by with EROAD’s Vehicle Booking solution.

EROAD_IconLibrary_2019_My EROAD Dashboard

Single View Dashboard

Consolidate key metrics about your fleet into a single view dashboard.

EROAD_IconLibrary_2019_Driver notifications

Real-time driver coaching

In-vehicle feedback for safer driving.

EROAD_IconLibrary_2019_EROAD SHARE

Share Fleet info with Subcontractors

Visibility of your whole supply chain, including subcontractors and other partners.


Job Management Partner Integration

Job Management for increased visibility and improved customer service.

EROAD_IconLibrary_2019_EROAD Proof of Service

Proof of Service for your Customers

Contract reporting to help your business build strong customer relationships.